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∴So, where does this all leave us? Gallagher and Krishnamoorthi's bill, called the Anti-Social CCP Act (HR 1081), intends to force the issue. "It would basically allow for two outcomes in this case," said Gallagher. "One would be a ban of the app altogether; or it would allow for a sale to an American company."➣QM034D106MAT2A▪"We are going to investigate from the ticket sales, the entries into the stadium, but especially the southern zone," where, he said, the gate was pushed open.⇦242NQ030R⇡The rocket reached an altitude of about 155 miles, but then it "took a slightly longer and more westerly trajectory than calculated" and landed in a mountain range about 9 miles into Norwegian territory, the SSC said.↔2225Y1000153JFR☈But more than 90 percent of Republicans say they oppose it, while Democrats are split nearly 50/50 on whether descendants should receive compensation.✥

↥The storm’s torrential downpour seeped — then poured — into his home in Tamuning. The 33-year-old spent the night using buckets, old clothes, a mop and a broom to protect his belongings. Still, by Thursday morning, his floors were covered by five inches of water. There were holes in his roof. And the power was out.➥0805Y0100151JXR⇌"This is me and this is me," he says, pointing to photos of himself. In so many of the photos of Daniel, Aurora is standing right next to him. Often, they're holding hands.◑


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1210Y1K00391JFR❦Meanwhile in the West Bank, where Israeli-Palestinian violence has surged over the past year, Israeli officials said a suspected Palestinian shooting attack lightly wounded an Israeli man.❃1944-15K◄Learn more:➵

◐NAIROBI, Kenya — Thirty-nine bodies have been found so far on land owned by a pastor in coastal Kenya who was arrested for telling his followers to fast to death.⇍

⊙This all comes more than a week after a catastrophic tornado left almost 30 people dead in Mississippi and Alabama.☜


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LD033A151FAB2A✄But fighting the lawsuits in court would take decades and be expensive, said Erik Haas, J&J's worldwide vice president of litigation.◆SS29L RFG↗Few donors to Hamlin's GoFundMe will likely have a significant interest in claiming a tax deduction for their gift. Because of changes in the tax law made in 2017, only those who itemize their taxes, around 11% of filers, may claim deductions for charitable contributions.☪


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