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◑They are also dealing with the aftermath of that first pandemic year – the closures, the immense stress on parents and kids and teachers and administrators. One positive legacy of that stressful time was a moment of appreciation as parents saw teachers try to run virtual classrooms. "People were like, 'Oh, my gosh, I don't want to be my child's teacher! Please, please send them back to school! I value the teacher, the bus driver, the cooks, because I want everybody in school!'" she recalls. "I did see that people valued it – they might have forgotten today, but there was a love for educators everywhere."◑

⊡He and crew mate Walter Watson were flying above Southern California. Planes were checking in with air traffic control to learn their ground speed.→


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C1206X332J1GEC7210①"The condition we find ourselves in right now is that there are billions of gallons of water just flowing right through us, right on by, and heading down and filling the Tulare Lake," Giacomazzi said, referencing the long-dried lake — once the largest west of the Mississippi River — that's come roaring back to life during this winter's storms.❐40CPQ050♈The slain students include seven girls and one boy, Belgrade Police Chief Veselin Milić said, according to the N1 TV news channel.➹


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2220J2500272GCT↪Biden’s loan forgiveness plan, which he unveiled in August, would affect more than 40 million borrowers, about half of whom would see their balances wiped clean. It would eliminate up to $10,000 of student debt for borrowers earning up to $125,000 annually, or up to $250,000 for married couples. Those who received Pell Grants, a form of financial aid for low- and middle-income students, are eligible for an additional $10,000 in forgiveness.❈1N5261A❈"Normally you don't say the court's ruling is an 'unprecedented judicial assault.' That's an unusual remark, don't you think?" Elrod said.↹


✉On Saturday, Saudi Arabia said it evacuated 157 people, including 91 Saudi nationals and citizens of other countries. Saudi state TV showed a large convoy of cars and buses from Khartoum to Port Sudan, where a navy ship took them to the Saudi port of Jeddah.♦MRF9045GMR1↮Meanwhile, the board of commissioners for Shelby County, which includes Memphis, plans to consider reinstating Pearson.➝C0603C759K1GACTU↔For decades, Dr. Daniel Bausch fought the world's most dangerous emerging tropical viruses directly from the trenches: He has trapped bats in Democratic Republic of Congo in search of the animal reservoir of Marburg virus. He has jumped into outbreaks of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, Lassa fever and Ebola, spending months at a time treating patients in lower income countries ranging from El Salvador to Guinea. When NPR first spotlighted Bausch's efforts back in 2014, he had come off a stretch in Sierra Leone as one of only two doctors caring for 60 patients in an Ebola ward.☾C0402C201G3JAC7867➘He and a RAND colleague, Anthony Russo, had access to a copy of the 7,000-pages of classified documents and historical narrative they kept at RAND. They began smuggling sections of it out to photocopy them at night, one page at a time. It took most of two years.◎

⇖The Democratic administration wants to ensure that poverty, race and ethnic status do not lead to worse exposure to pollution and environmental harm. Biden is trying to draw a contrast between his agenda and that of Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. GOP lawmakers have called for less regulation of oil production to lower energy prices, while the Biden administration says the GOP policies would give benefits to highly profitable oil companies and surrender the renewable energy sector to the Chinese.º1210J5000391KFR⇀Trump, who was twice impeached as president and still secured more votes than any losing U.S. presidential candidate, tried to turn his day in court into a narrative win with his supporters.◆

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