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0805Y1000222METE03◘The U.S. Supreme Court is once again dipping its toes into a legal conflict between congressional investigators and the executive branch. Only this time, the former Trump administration and the current Biden administration are on the same side.☋1210Y1K00222MET↘Sahni is founder and CEO of Study Hall Education Foundation, an inclusive organization that uses education to fight gender discrimination and the patriarchal mindset of young people in India.⊕

◦A federal court challenge from TikTok is expected well before then, likely teeing up a legal brawl that supporters of the law in Montana say could eventually wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.▧


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0805Y2000103KER↞However, assessing the value to Russia is difficult to determine, especially at this early stage, when the full extent of the breach is not known.✉DZ23C16-HE3-18✍Davila has recommended that Holmes serve her sentence at a women's prison in Bryan, Texas. It hasn't been disclosed whether the federal Bureau of Prisons accepted Davila's recommendation or assigned Holmes to another facility.●


♖This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay.✌M39003/01-5435/HSD☆A similar amyloid-targeting drug, Eisai and Biogen's Leqembi, recently hit the market with similar evidence that it could modestly slow Alzheimer's — and also some safety concerns, brain swelling or small brain bleeds.♕TAP335K016SRS▦The OMB working group has said it's looking into doing more testing of the combined question's effects by this August, and outside advisers to the bureau on its Census Scientific Advisory Committee have recommended additional tests and focus groups on specifically how Latinos would respond to this race-ethnicity question format.♣2225Y1000562KFTあ“Tonight, our state is one step closer to protecting more innocent lives,” he said.❥

⊡"It is known that Hale considered the actions of other mass murderers," MNPD wrote in a press statement.➬MMBZ5254BS-7-F▄The slayings came a day after a 13-year-old boy used his father's guns to kill eight fellow students and a guard at a school in Belgrade, the capital.➻


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1206J0250102GFR↮In response, NPR provided Musk publicly available documentation of the network's finances showing that nearly 40% of its funding comes from corporate sponsorships and 31% from fees for programming paid by local public radio stations.☺NTB90N02T4▨The United Nations rights chief on Wednesday urged Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to block an anti-LGBTQ bill passed this week that prescribes harsh penalties, including death and life imprisonment.⇑

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