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✁Axiom won't say how much Shoffner and Saudi Arabia are paying for the planned 10-day mission. The company had previously cited a ticket price of $55 million each.➮C1206C332J1GECAUTO7210♥Aid agencies have been providing food, education and health care support to Afghans in the wake of the Taliban takeover and the economic collapse that followed it. But distribution has been severely affected by the Taliban edict banning women from working at NGOs — and, now, also at the U.N.◎10HCR-5♪The Manye sisters were in a church choir that also sang at garden parties held by the town's white people. How the tour abroad came about is unclear. Katie said that a Mr. Howells from England came up with the idea of a tour under the supervision of English managers. Professor Veit Erlmann, a German musicologist who has written extensively about the choir, suggests that the idea came from missionaries and maybe some of the choir members themselves.◇T491B475M020AT4100▲For many Palestinians — millions of whom remain a stateless people to this day — the Nakba isn't just history for today's generation, but what they call an ongoing catastrophe punctuated by the violence of an entrenched Israeli military occupation.◈

★"It can get as close as five meters," he said. "We're literally tossing grenades at each other."√FP0805R1-R03-R●Meanwhile, industries such as construction and manufacturing that are particularly sensitive to interest rates also added jobs last month. Builders added 15,000 jobs in April while factories added 11,000.⋄


◦The singer-songwriter has not released new songs since his singles "Dear April" and "Cayendo" in 2020. His last album, called Blonde, dates back even further, to 2016. That album was an immediate hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in the week it was released.▍GA1206H822MXXBR31GⓔFord’s about-face came after news reports focused attention on the elimination of the nation’s 4,700 AM stations from vehicles produced by eight manufacturers and after a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers joined in support of a bill that would require cars to include AM radios.▣1812Y4K00100JCT◪"[Have] the Democrats become so progressive, so far to the left, they're changing their policies now and they want to put the country in default?" McCarthy asked.❑SDUR3040CT←Suspected Israeli airstrikes in Syria in recent weeks have killed two Iranian military advisers and temporarily put the country's two largest airports out of service. Hecht, the military spokesman, said Thursday's rocket fire was not believed to be connected to events in Syria.▣

のWOOD: We had senior military trainer who'd said they'd sent operatives to Iraq, that they'd provided chemical weapons training. They recanted it all. It turned out he lied about it.❈1210J1000222KFT▄South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination Monday morning in North Charleston, S.C.▧


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GA1812A680KBAAR31G→"It just breaks your heart. When you hear someone screaming 'mommy' or 'daddy,' it just becomes too hard day in and day out to be able to do that," he said.⊠VLF504010MT-4R7M-CA♬The NFL, along with other pro leagues, this week formed the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising, a group described as a voluntary alliance to control how consumers see advertising and to rein in "excessive" advertising.↫


△The nonprofit watchdog Integrity Florida said recently that the governor was traveling on a state plane to attend events that resembled campaign rallies, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The group's research director, Ben Wilcox, accused DeSantis of "really blurring the lines between what is considered campaign activity and his public duties of the office," a charge the governor's office denied.¤1206J2501P50DFR◆Download, rate and subscribe here: iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.C1210C132G1HAC7800Weems, of All Families Healthcare, said having to constantly fend off legal attacks on abortion care has changed how she thinks of herself.♣SPD125-394M▧For example, specialized newsletters and podcasts for niche audiences are rising in popularity, he said. There are also more paid subscriptions, instead of ad-dependent news sites, as well as communities around nerdy topics on platforms like Reddit and Discord.♭

▎Regarding America's credibility in the world, some have argued that the Iraq War was the moment the U.S. ceded its global leadership role.✿2225J0160272KFT♤"My experience was a very bad experience. I was blown up by Russians — something blew up in my car," Orlov, 27, told CBS News. "I was stuck in the car and my teammates helped me out. I lost a little piece of my left foot and both of my legs were broken," he explained.↕


↱"Close to 80% of people polled think he should not be in office," Rep. Anthony D'Esposito, R-N.Y., told NPR in February, after urging Santos to step aside.↢VJ1210A681JXETW1BC▩U.S. Park Police say a preliminary investigation indicates that 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula of Chesterfield, Mo., plowed into the bollards around Lafayette Square on purpose.✂2211JA250151KXTSPU▂"For this particular group of young people who have these disorders, this can be a lifesaver," said John Kelly, director of the Recovery Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital. "It can help them create a social norm of recovery."▣C901U470JYSDBAWL20▨In a sequence that almost looks like his birthday party all over again, Kendall plots the launch presentation to include an entire house built on stage, complete with clouds. At least he's not going to sing. When people gently suggest that his expectations for an overnight build are unrealistic, Kendall hides his obvious fury behind a smile. "Here's the rule," he says. "No one can say no." Just as an aside, on top of the fact that it makes people hate you, this rule is how you, as a powerful person, invite ruin.☀

⇀After meeting Scholz and other senior officials at the chancellery, the two leaders are expected to fly to the western city of Aachen for Zelenskyy to receive the International Charlemagne Prize awarded to him and the people of Ukraine.➡SR072A680JAATR1➹The claims contributed to drop in J&J's sales of baby powder, prompting the company to stop selling its talc-based products in 2020. Last year, J&J announced plans to cease sales of the product worldwide.⇃

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