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  5. M0820-54K

1812Y0100680FCR↜Justice Sonia Sotomayor delivered the opinion of the court.♔C0603C470F4GACTU⊞U.S. Ambassador to Romania Alfred Moses purchased the Codex Sassoon on behalf of the American Friends of ANU. It's being gifted to the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv.♐


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  4. VJ0805D240FLXAP
  5. M39003/09-0131/HST

US5MC-HF⇙Loreen, sandwiched between illuminated platforms, reeled on stage as she belted the lyrics to her anthem — "You're stuck on me like a tattoo-hoo-hoo." The performance tended toward a more classic pop pick for a contest that has in recent years favored the bombastic and fantastical act.↽0805J5001P00DAR♪“This is our mistake, and we own it,” Bioré said in a statement. “We let our community down and we let our creators down by not providing better guidance.”↰


↔During an event on Monday at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, Biden congratulated both teams — praising them on their performance and highlighting Iowa's sportsmanship.♠1825J0500563KCR♧Across the city, people have been grief-stricken by the attack. Candlelight vigils and tearful gatherings continue as funerals for the victims are underway. At Woodmont Baptist, Parker said some church staff and members had difficulty getting out of bed over the past few days.↔1812JA250680KCRPY2▪The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that they are partnering with the World Health Organization and other international partners to investigate the source of contaminated cough syrups that have killed more than 300 children in Asia and Africa.↦2220J6300681MXT×Freezing rain and thunderstorms pummeled parts of Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday, knocking out power for about 800,000 people, officials reported.♠

█Several South Korean singers and actors have died by suicide in recent years, which has touched off soul-searching about harsh competition in the fast-growing entertainment industry, an abusive online culture and failure by management to address the mental health problems of their stars.▏C0603T334K4RAL7867【Nasyrova ate two pieces of cheesecake and offered the third slice to Tsvyk, the BBC reports. Tsvyk felt sick after eating the cheesecake and went to lie down.ⓞ


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TAZE106K015CRLC0024↤But if the Indus Waters Treaty is loathed by environmentalists, it is also credited with preventing war over water between India and Pakistan by dividing the six rivers that crisscross the two countries. That is no small feat: India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed, have waged war three times and had multiple smaller conflagrations. They remain hostile neighbors 75 years after both countries were partitioned.↹2225Y1000151FFT✑And they transformed the entire K-pop industry in their wake.▨


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0805J5005P60CQT❤"Investigations found no elements of human trafficking. The boy is just believed to have entered the container, fell asleep and found himself here," the Malaysian home minister said earlier this month.↫SR121C222KAAAP1☚ESG is a range of indicators designed to evaluate a company’s sustainability by looking at performance on topics such as carbon emissions, human rights and staff diversity.▪


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