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✆Ahmed Scott arrived to collect his car after work and found a disaster in the making.•


➮He said he fell onto a roof two floors below.→1812GA271KAT1A↤Bars and restaurants added 25,000 jobs in April, while business services added 43,000. Health care added 40,000 jobs.⇨1808J0160563FCT✍Two months later, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order making it easier for farmers to divert water onto their lands.☆0603YA561KAT2A◦What is a cancer patient supposed to do when the standard treatments seem to be pointless? What if the odds with standard treatments are so bad that there might as well be no treatment at all? I'd say to ask your oncologist if there are promising, late-stage clinical trials you can join. This is a perfect question.☞

➮Nichols, 29, died on Jan. 10, three days after he was stopped by Memphis police for what they called reckless driving. According to initial police reports, officers said the 29-year-old fled the scene but eventually was taken into custody after two "confrontations" with officers.▒9250-334♖SAN DIEGO — A former Marine who for years helped smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States and even tried to get a song written to glorify his exploits was sentenced Friday to 12 years in federal prison.★


☠Kaylin Gillis and three of her friends were trying to find another friend's house in rural Hebron, N.Y., when they mistakenly pulled up to the house owned by Kevin Monahan, according to Sheriff Jeffrey J. Murphy.↚CWR19JC105KAAA➩Anchor Shepard Smith left the network in 2019 after being attacked on the air by Carlson and receiving no public backing from Fox. Wallace left Fox in late 2021 after Carlson's lies about the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Baier raised objections to Carlson's special programs championing the insurrectionists. But Baier protested quietly, in private. And he stuck around.↱M39014/22-1157⊙"Congressman Comer has a history of playing fast and loose with the facts and spreading baseless innuendo while refusing to conduct his so-called 'investigations' with legitimacy," said Ian Sams, White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations. "He has hidden information from the public to selectively leak and promote his own hand-picked narratives as part of his overall effort to lob personal attacks at the president and his family."➸CGJ5L2X7R1H474K160AA☭Like his debut in the space, I expect Corden's late night TV farewell to be professional, entertaining and not quite as impactful as you might expect.↗

▁17. ""Synchronicity"" — The Police (1983)➟3640HC103KAT3A♡Sometimes a coin was placed in the coffin, or even in the mouth of the dead, a common burial practice at the time called "Charon's obol." In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades, and the coin was considered a bribe to carry the souls of the dead across the river Styx.○


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C1206C752JBGAC7800☀Yeti Airlines confirmed that the flight data and cockpit voice recorders — the so-called black boxes — were found on Monday, a day after the plane went down, which could help determine a cause for the crash.♣1825J2500153JXT☛Robert Reyes, a prominent Catholic priest and human rights activist in the country, said the bloody rites reflect the church's failure to fully educate many Filipinos on Christian tenets, leaving them on their own to explore personal ways of seeking divine help for all sorts of maladies.▶


⇇The Biden administration on Thursday cautioned Americans about the growing risks of medical credit cards and other loans for medical bills, warning in a new report that high interest rates can deepen patients' debts and threaten their financial security.↛M39014/01-1486V↑And Holston went to the party after a younger relative warned him there might be danger, his family told◇C328C361G3G5TA7301⇚Trump denies E. Jean Carroll's allegations. He hasn't attended the trial thus far, but his lawyers said Tuesday it's still possible he could decide to testify.⊙BZX84B5V1-7-F-79⚘A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state's Department of Education after she showed her students a Disney movie that features a gay character.↕

웃Neighbor Jonathan Robertson said children came to retrieve a basketball that had rolled into Singletary's yard, the Associated Press reports. He said that Singletary — who has yelled at neighborhood kids on previous occasions — went inside, got his gun and began shooting.◘CWR26HC107KCHB\PR➭The "No Surprises Act," which went into effect more than a year ago, requires insurers to update their provider directories every 90 days. No insurers have yet been penalized for failing to update theirs, said CMS's Montz. The law also stipulates that if patients get hit with an out-of-network charge because they relied on inaccurate information, the insurer can charge the patient only the in-network rate.◇

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