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GRM1556T1H390GD01D◘Garland wore several pairs of the slippers during production of the 1939 film. At the time of their disappearance, the shoes were one of just four pairs known to remain. They were insured for over $1 million by the shoes' owner, Michael Shaw, a collector.◆B82141A1154J9⇝Although Pakistan's countrywide ban on the film was reversed, the ban still holds in the province of Punjab, home to the movie's setting of Lahore and just over half of the country's transgender community. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics census data from 2017 put the total transgender population of the country at 21,744.▧


♭His family in Philadelphia received the brief, two-page note, dated April 5, on Friday, the Journal reported. It's the first direct contact Gershkovich has had with his loved ones since his arrest.▒CWR09KB156KDBぃ"Now comes Rep. Comer who has spent the last five months making wild predictions without proof, asking inane questions out loud and falling short every time – including today," Lowell said. "Today's so-called 'revelations' are retread, repackaged misstatements of perfectly proper meetings and business by private citizens."☆VJ0805A3R3DXBPW1BC↟"I wouldn't call them undercover agents," Bogdanos replied. "I would call them academics and archaeologists and art historians who care."☜GQM2195C2A4R0WB01D◥"Pulsed electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radio frequency range, plausibly explains the core characteristics, although information gaps exist," a redacted summary of the findings said.あ

♗But the murky profile of Guney, a maintenance worker at Charles de Gaulle Airport, added further complication to the case.✂VJ1206V333MXACW1BC↳The movie could also lead to unsettling inquiries, says members of the trans community. Rai, for example, who has undergone gender-affirming surgery, says she's been questioned about her private parts since the film came out. "Because of this movie, people now bluntly ask if we have [a] penis." She also says she was questioned about "my private parts" on a Twitter space discussion: "I was harassed and shamed."▩


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C0805C750K5HACAUTO▣Turner, who moved to Switzerland in 1995, started easing up on her workload in the late '90s and '00s, and ended up retiring after a 50th anniversary tour in 2009. However, she was still an active steward of her own legacy; in fact she also worked closely on the development of Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, which opened on Broadway in fall 2019. And at the 2008 Grammy Awards, she performed a showstopping version of "Proud Mary" with Beyoncé. With hindsight, it's easy to interpret the moment as Turner passing the torch to a younger musician. However, the performance also once again reaffirmed that she was squarely in control of her rich musical legacy.➸0805Y1503P90HQT◎"If it's pretending to be a news outlet located in New York but the person or page is posting from Pakistan, that might not necessarily align with what you expect," she added.▬


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C0603X222K1REC7411The racist optics of expelling two young Black men and saving the white woman was not lost on Republican legislators, as captured in audio of a private conversation that was leaked to and released by the digital news outlet Tennessee Holler.✏GA1210A821FBEAR31G↳"This is a deviation that we take seriously. We are now investigating the reason why the rocket flew further northwest than nominal. It is still too early to speculate about the cause, and we await more information from the current investigation," Marko Kohberg, rocket and balloons operations manager at Esrange, said to the SSC.↔


☻Caccavale told investigators that when he saw a vehicle on his property, he asked his son to tell the occupants to leave.☽1206J0630103GCT➦“I’ve been telling them, ‘Go ask your daughters. Go ask your wives. What do they think? Don’t think of it as your political future. Think about it as their future,’” she said.▧TBJB106K016CBSC0024♂More than 1 in 3 residents of the surrounding county have medical debt in collections, and 1 in 3 live in poverty.☈C1608X7R1H223K/10【"You can be whatever you want to be. I promise you that. I told them that I wanted to be a country singer and I am standing here at the CMT Awards with the male video of the year, baby," he shouted.↘

↴Burris said he was also disturbed by text messages that suggested officers took pleasure in using violent force, especially on Black people.↪GRM033R70J822JA01D⇤Cancer patients today are not in a neutral information environment. Instead, cancer patients are flooded with false facts and quacks who promise 100% cure rates. That's the reality we live in.♦


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