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↨Leisure and hospitality was once again a top growing sector in March, with 72,000 new jobs, including 50,000 in bars and restaurants. By contrast, retailers shed 15,000 jobs. Construction companies and factories also saw modest declines in employment.↛HKQ04024N3H-T⇃"The business model of these apps is simple, the duration of time the user spends on the app and the extent to which they engage with content is directly correlated with ad revenue," Schatz said, arguing that companies want users to spend long amounts of time on their platforms but the results can be "catastrophic."♨595D107X9025R8T◘"The best men in the world are right here right now," said Iva Sanina, Campbell's fiancée, at his funeral in Kyiv on May 5.█1812J0630390GAR⇖Syria's state-run SANA news agency didn't immediately acknowledge any strikes. Syria's mission to the United Nations didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. There was no immediate reaction from Iran to the strikes, which come during the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Iran's mission to the United Nations also didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.❑

⇍Then there are the former students who stood by as they witnessed the fatal beating and humiliation of their former teacher, Bian Zhongyun. Decades later, Song Binbin, one of the students, decides to publicly apologize for her complicity in her teacher's death. She bows in front of a memorial statue for her teacher, tears glistening in her eyes. The reader feels a moment of hope; perhaps this is a turning point in the bleak, multigenerational suffering Branigan has eloquently narrated so far.◆1825J5K00560FCR▪Shy, which is actually Porter's fourth novel, offers an interior monologue accompanied by another chorus of disapproving voices. (His third, intriguingly titled The Death of Francis Bacon (2021), was not published in the U.S.) Set in 1995, Shy captures a harrowing night in the life of an out of control 16-year-old called Shy who's been sent to the Last Chance boarding school for "some of the most disturbed and violent young offenders in the country."★


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EMK325BJ475KN-T♀Sotheby's Judaica specialist Sharon Liberman Mintz said the $38 million price tag, which includes the auction house's fee, "reflects the profound power, influence, and significance of the Hebrew Bible, which is an indispensable pillar of humanity."☾GCJ216R71E272KA01D∷These two events seem unconnected at first. But as Mary Pat asks around and starts learning about what Jules was up to and where she was the last time anyone saw her, she learns they might actually be linked. Unfortunately, Mary Pat's desperate search puts her in the crosshairs of Marty Butler, the head of Southie's Irish mob. Marty doesn't want the attention Southie is getting because of the manifestations against desegregation, and Mary Pat is making things worse by asking too many questions in her desperate search for her missing daughter. Mary Pat and Marty know each other, so he explains why Mary Pat needs to be a good neighbor and let things go. But there's no stopping a worried mother from finding out what happened to her daughter, the only thing she had left in this world.☁


↴In a 7-2 vote on Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Andy Warhol infringed on photographer Lynn Goldsmith's copyright when he created a series of silk screen images based on a photograph Goldsmith shot of the late musician Prince in 1981.▒2510-02J◧"With that amount of money, you really could put it into a endowment that will last forever, long beyond his playing days," she said of Hamlin.ღ1210Y5000681KER☼Those two crossings, at Wadi Halfa and Argeen, are very different. Wadi Halfa is a city, and local residents have opened their homes and schools to shelter the influx of refugees. But Mahdi said the situation was worse at Argeen, which is in the desert and far from the nearest Sudanese city.∷ECJ-3YB1E824K×Francesco Villi, 73, attacked neighbors on three floors of his building on Sunday night, killing three men and two women and wounding a sixth person, the 66-year-old wife of the board president, who is expected to survive, according to officials. One of the officers who responded to a call about an active shooter inside the building in the suburb of Vaughan shot and killed Villi, authorities said.◐

⇗"Everybody who's ever met me can tell you, I love all people, I love all cultures," Penny told the New York Post. "I was actually planning a road trip through Africa before this happened."◄B37930K5820J070☛And on Sunday, The New York Times devoted a two-page spread to an account of how the Antonin Scalia School of Law at George Mason University lured four conservative justices — Gorsuch, Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — to teach at the Northern Virginia campus and during summers at European tourist meccas, for which they were all paid.➳


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1812J1K50122MXR⇅Jimenez was the lead author on a study published two years ago indicating that instead of increasing understanding and compassion with Native Americans, among some individuals it did the exact opposite.⇘CZRUR22VB-HF⊠Ford found useful ammunition in some of Douglas' efforts to make money, in part to meet obligations from his three divorces. Douglas wrote more than 30 books, but he was also drawing an income from the Parvin Foundation, run by a Las Vegas casino owner-operator. This prompted Ford to accuse Douglas of consorting with both Communists and organized crime figures.➩

♥In Emerson, Post 60 Market manager Brian Horak says two things create success for rural grocers.♥

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