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C1206X393J8HAC7800⇥Born Anna Mae Bullock on Nov. 26, 1939, Turner grew up in rural Nutbush, Tenn., but also spent time in Knoxville, as her parents moved there for work. Growing up, she had a distant relationship with both her father, who abandoned the family when she was 13, and mother. But performing came naturally, and became her solace. In Tina Turner: My Love Story, she describes music-filled shopping excursions — being 4 or 5 years old and being paid by salesgirls to sing radio hits she had memorized — and the exhilaration of leading her cousins, half-sister Evelyn, and sister Alline in pretend stage shows. Later, she honed her performing presence further by singing at picnics with a regionally famous trombonist named Mr. Bootsy Whitelaw.☻RDER71E104K0K1C03B↣In our day-to-day lives, there are moments when we get to decide whether we want to offer a helping hand. These gestures often feel trivial to us, but sometimes have the power to change the course of someone's life.♝


↫While the conversation around reparations has picked up traction in recent years, with about a dozen cities and the state of California considering reparation programs, the concept remains broadly unpopular with Americans.❐C0603Y5V160-104MNP▽After a brief chapter that serves as a flash forward (an all too common device these days, one that often reads as if it were added in order to alleviate publishers' anxieties about hooking readers in with a mystery right from the start), the book begins: It's the late 1980s in Venice, Florida, and the local metal scene is booming to such an extent that there is now a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Kip Norvald, whose father is in prison and whose mother is no longer in his life, has just arrived to live with his grandmother and attend his last year of high school. He's soon befriended by Leslie Z, a metalhead with a soft spot for glam and an encyclopedic knowledge of the guitars, amps, pedals, and mixes used in his favorite bands' music. Kip is utterly lost in the flood of Leslie's expertise, but when he listens to a local band, Death, on Leslie's stereo, something clicks:▩HSM590G/TR13▀In a letter to the Senate Finance Committee on Monday, Werfel said the agency would review its audit algorithms for specific anti-poverty tax credits to look for and address any racial biases.↬UMK107B7474MA-TR←The "bundled care" approach used in the study cuts down the time it takes to address the problem.↚

♣There has been no indication whether such a plan will move forward.유MBRB1645TR•Here's what most people not immersed in oncology don't get. Even the most promising cancer drugs fail. Cancer drugs have the second-worst failure rate of any disease. Only Alzheimer's is worse.유

☛A GoFundMe page that was apparently set up by Wilson Garcia said it was raising money to be able to send the bodies of his wife and his son, 8-year-old Daniel, back to their home country of Honduras.▪


↖White House communications director Ben LaBolt cast the talks in a harsh light, accusing Republicans of "taking the economy hostage and pushing us to the brink of default." There is a path forward, the statement said, "But President Biden will not accept a wishlist of extreme MAGA priorities that would punish the middle class and neediest Americans and set our economic progress back."⇓QCCT501Q201G1GV001E↵They have remained in a private collection in the U.K. and were "completely unknown to scholars ever since."♘MHV11C105MAT2A☍An H-E-B manager saw the suspect "shoot at the vehicle multiple times" before fleeing the area, according to an affidavit seen by ABC13. Elgin police say they worked "through the night" to identify and track him down.ºC0805C682FAGEC7210➱But, as Chin-Quee writes, the grueling pace of medical school and post-graduate residency that prioritizes bureaucracy and an assembly-line patient care model, plus a volatile social fabric where interns resort to binge drinking after hours as a coping mechanism, leads the author to spiral into a destructive cycle of depression and alcohol dependency. Chin-Quee wonders whether his chosen vocation has failed him:↔

✍"Allowing migrants to register for an exemption to Title 42 is a more humane alternative than leaving them vulnerable to misinformation from smugglers," Flores told CBS News. "This type of innovation in border processing is the future of orderly migration at the southern border."✉C1206C0G500-822JNP▣As Orlov recovers, Wasserson's efforts to help Ukrainians escape the war continue. U.S. Rep. Susan Wild, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, recently honored Wasserson at the U.S. House of Representatives.◪

▣That was how Michael Barr, the Fed's vice chair for supervision, described the failure of Silicon Valley Bank during Senate testimony last month.▪

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