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◦Three challengers are seeking to end his long tenure, but most observers agree the race will boil down to Erdogan vs. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, a candidate backed by six opposition parties.◎0603Y063P820BFT❀The United Arab Emirates and China called for a meeting of the U.N. Security Council after Ben-Gvir's visit, and a spokesperson for Germany's foreign ministry said it expected "the new Israeli government to commit to a continuation of the tried and tested practice around the holy sites in Jerusalem and to put a stop to further deliberate provocations."▧1206Y300P600DQT◊"To lose him in these circumstances is incredibly painful for all of us," Chetwynd said, even though "we all know the risks."⊞BZD17C24P MTG♪Code was charged with domestic assault, but it was dropped, the city said.❀

£In a photo posted on Instagram over the weekend, Hayes stood outside of the facility holding a sign that read, "they wouldn't let me in because i'm in a suit."☁C1206C221G1HAC7800♛The issue of abortion access gave Democrats a lift in the 2022 midterm elections. Polls showed voters were alarmed that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade. And recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist polling shows most people in the U.S. do not support banning drugs like mifepristone — including a majority of Republicans.⊙


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CWR29NC475MCHC↮The Bible was displayed at locations around the world before the auction, according to Sotheby's. Sharon Liberman Mintz, a Judaica expert and senior consultant at the auction house, had the opportunity to study the Codex Sassoon for more than a year.✄2-1879065-0↗Yet supporters highlight a 2017 Chinese intelligence law that requires private companies to hand over data about customers to the government if Beijing ever requests such information. This comes despite TikTok's pushback that it would never comply with such a request.▧


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1210J0630561FFR☂The school's action "is very typical for Florida right now," Raegan Miller of the Florida Freedom to Read Project told NPR, noting that many school districts are being extremely cautious in handling complaints about books.☺PDTA123JQA147✍She had been reported missing hours earlier — at 12:35 a.m. on Friday — police in Longview, a town some 24 miles south-by-southwest of the lake, told NPR.❑


⇪Debris believed to be aircraft parts was spotted in the area, about 1,800 kilometers (1,120 miles) southwest of Tokyo, he said.♠VJ1210Y273JLEAJ32➧No one publicly claimed responsibility, but military bloggers and patriotic commentators immediately pointed a finger at Ukraine and compared the bombing to the killing last August of Darya Dugina, a nationalist TV commentator. She was killed when a remotely controlled explosive device planted in her SUV blew up as she was driving on the outskirts of Moscow.➷LQH2MPN4R7MGRL☆When reporters reach out for official comment from the company on news stories, Twitter's communications department replies with a poop emoji.◘VJ0603D5R6CLBAC◩"Rescue and search operations are continuing, without respite," he said.▪

◎Patterson reflected a perception of Australia as a Western cultural wasteland that drove Humphries along with many leading Australian intellectuals to London.➟CM453232-220JL▀Unsatisfied with Arredondo’s firing, Cross camped for 10 days last fall outside the offices of Hal Harrel, then the Uvalde school district superintendent, pressuring officials to make good on their promises to hold officers accountable. His demands were partially met: The school district voted in October to suspend its entire police force. But he still wants to see more officers disciplined for inaction — and doesn’t hesitate to confront them when he sees them in Uvalde.♧

♀"Part of what the Civil Rights Movement did was to make 'racism' bad," she says — at least the appearance of racism. She says now you get this protest whenever racism is called out, "oh no, you called me a racist." Anderson says this makes it seem as if the real harm is in being called racist, rather than in actual racism.☆


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