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▔A 2017 Netflix documentary also placed a spotlight on abuse claims against the late priest A. Joseph Maskell, who taught at a Catholic high school in Baltimore in the 1960s and '70s. Detectives exhumed his body several years ago while investigating the still unsolved cold case homicide of Catherine Ann Cesnik, a nun who disappeared from a Baltimore shopping center in 1969. She was teaching at the same high school as Maskell at the time of her slaying.▌SC105B-330✍When officers shot at four people in a parking lot on Lake Street, they hit Stallings — an Army veteran who was then in his late 20s — in the chest.☆K332K20C0GK5UH5⇈The documents, which came to light on social media last week, included sensitive information about the war in Ukraine. Some documents viewed by NPR showed what appeared to be briefing slides about the war, with maps and charts on Ukraine's troops and weapons. Some of the posts online showed photos of physical documents that were folded and creased in some instances.♀ACS102-6TA➢Ashley Edwards, a manager at a CARE clinic in Pueblo, Colo., founded by Carhart's grandson, confirmed the death in an email to NPR.▦

★The tragedy propelled grief-stricken Kushner to look to the Bible to boldly confront issues of suffering, fairness and the role of an omnipotent God — a task that many have ventured to explain but very few have answered as effectively and gracefully as him.〓C052C479D2G5TA⇟But Howard Hogan, a former chief demographer at the bureau who retired from the agency in 2018, contends that research is inconclusive on the potential effects a combined question could have on those groups, particularly on the Black population.✃


➳This story was edited by Neela Banerjee and Sadie Babits. It was produced by Ryan Kellman. Special thanks to Sean McConnell of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas, for assistance with archival audio and historical records.↩CDR32BP300BKSP\2K♂Each year, thousands of Black youth and women go missing across the U.S. at a disproportionate rate. And despite the desperate pleas for media attention, their cases are often overlooked, failing to grab national headlines.◁C647C474KDR5TAºAn estimated 15 million people are threatened by floods that happen when glaciers melt rapidly. It's a growing global threat from climate change. Communities in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal are grappling with that threat now, as scientists try to understand its scope and what can be done to protect people in the future.○MR051A681JAATR1➡Angela Reynolds knew her mother's memory was slipping, but didn't realize how bad things had gotten until she started to untangle her mom's finances: unpaid bills, unusual cash withdrawals, and oddly, the mortgage of the family home had been refinanced at a higher interest rate.➪

⇈One thing he celebrates about the pandemic is that it helped more members of the public understand what the health department is and what it does. "We know how to make people feel like they're not just a number – one patient said 'a petri dish of infection' – but you're a person," Stewart says of those early interactions he had when people were first getting infected.↥CWR11NC475KBC\TR➞Former President Donald Trump has arrived in New York City to surrender himself to authorities after his historic indictment by a Manhattan grand jury.☣

ⓥ"This bill has nothing to do with children, and everything to do with the continued oppression of the LGBTQ+ community," Hamburger Mary's Orlando said in a statement.↔


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3090R-561G☭Branigan, a former China correspondent and now London-based reporter for the Guardian, found those painful memories lingering just beneath the surface of everyday conversations among a generation of Chinese, yet when she probed deeper, people clammed up. Counterintuitively, the past is too close to talk about.↩P160R-334HS♕China is a victim of economic coercion, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Friday.⇒


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2EZ9.1D5/TR12↚The "unwavering support," Tsai said, "reassures the people of Taiwan that we are not isolated, we are not alone."★1N4733P/TR12☈Stephen Thompson, on the legal battle:↵


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