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ⓛA Moscow court formally charged Gershkovich with espionage and ordered him to be held until May 29 pending an investigation, according to Russian media reports. The Journal has vehemently denied that Gershkovich is a spy. The State Department has also called him "wrongfully detained."☜


↯The user interviewed said that originally Teixeira posted the classified information as paragraphs of text, but by January, he was posting photographs of the documents which appeared to have the classified markings of official U.S. government documents. The user interviewed said this was because Teixeira had become concerned he would be caught transcribing the documents at work, so he began to take them home to photograph.①IHSM4825PJ6R8K♪At first, she felt "delighted" and "enchanted" to be shopping with Trump, Carroll testified. The two flirted.▨ECJ-2VF1C154Z⊡The prosecution says Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell's entire relationship is entwined in a deadly criminal conspiracy they sought to justify with fantastical beliefs. Rather than simply starting a new life together after they met in October 2018, prosecutors say, the couple plotted to kill their closest relatives and benefit from their deaths through insurance payouts and Social Security benefits.◈18123C105KAT2A✆One might say, "He is the Pelé of basketball," or "She is the Pelé of dramaturgy," the dictionary suggests.⇕

☜In an interview last month, Heinerscheid, the first woman to lead Bud Light in the brand's 40-year history, said the beer brand was "in decline."↭NTE53016♈In closing arguments delivered over two days this week, the defendants argued they never entered into an agreement to storm the Capitol and urged jurors to sift through the thousands of messages introduced into evidence to find any written scrap to suggest one.➨

❒Disability is not an inability. And being a female does not make you less of a person. Be yourself, get engaged, study hard. Join your peers with disabilities but also join your peers without disability. Do not relent in your efforts even though it gets frustrating when the change we want comes slowly. The sky is your limit so be determined and know what you want to achieve.♣


⇛In a video announcement that mirrored his 2020 campaign themes, Biden billed himself as the person who can keep the government running in an age of hyperpartisanship and political disillusionment.Ю1111J1K0P400BQT♙So far, everything still looks consistent with Albert Einstein's predictions. That's also true for the only other black hole to have been imaged, the one at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It was also observed by this research consortium.➵1206J0100563KXT】South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that it detected three short-range ballistic missiles launched from North Korea into the East Sea at about 8 a.m. local time Saturday.➸M39003/01-5449/TR☈The power struggle between the Sudanese military, led by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, and the RSF, led by Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, has dealt a harsh blow to Sudan's hopes for a democratic transition. The rival generals came to power after a pro-democracy uprising led to the ouster of the former strongman, al-Bashir. In 2021, the generals joined forces to seize power in a coup.⇪

☻Dudnik says he lives, with permission, in a neighbor's apartment that is much less damaged. He sleeps on a couch in the kitchen, warmed by a wood stove. Tonight two friends — Natasha Slyusarenko and Denys Bezuglyy — are there, too. Their apartment building has collapsed, so they stay at different friends' homes every few weeks. They give Dudnik a box of cookies and make themselves some tea.↘13008-002MESA™A spokesperson for the Federal Reserve said "the video appears to have been edited, and I cannot confirm it is accurate."の

⋄This time around, the debt has also seen a spike due to a sudden and unanticipated event — in this case the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent recession. Though not as deep or as enduring as its predecessor, that recession caused the same kind of demand for government money while once again depressing revenues.❃


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