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VSKL500-16➱Tarrio, who sat in a Baltimore hotel room on that day, was "an entertainer, a lover and a razzle dazzler," not a ringleader, his lawyer said.↼MA0805CG222J250↭The Israeli military said Saturday that three rockets were launched from Syria toward Israeli territory, a rare attack from the country's northeastern neighbor that comes after days of escalating violence on multiple fronts.■

"I will bring good shit," Irby promises in "Please Invite Me to Your Party," the essay that closes out Quietly Hostile. It's a tongue-in-cheek — well, ranch-dressing-slathered-carrot-stick-in-cheek — monologue about the ironies, insecurities, and absurdities of domestic socializing. The "good shit" she promises to bring ranges from sarcastically commandeering the Spotify playlist to politely devouring a mediocre party platter.▅

►Taylor said the FBI is trying to identify which cadavers were impacted, but it's a challenge given the embalming process affects DNA.☞


↯"When you look at a rule like non-unanimous juries in both states, what you see is just a constant failing and an intentional assault on people of color," says Kaplan, the director of the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. "And both of our systems, in very similar and different ways over more than 100 years, have played that out in different ways."⏎1945R-37H⇖ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 1-year-old Australian shepherd took an epic trek across 150 miles (241 kilometers) of frozen Bering Sea ice that included being bitten by a seal or polar bear before he was safely returned to his home in Alaska.♥0805J1001P20CFT♧"And yet if you kill one person, you get the death penalty or you go to jail for life."™M39003/01-3106⊟Steve Kirsch is a tech entrepreneur who made hundreds of millions of dollars after founding an early search engine and helping invent the optical computer mouse.◐

♪Some people told stories of their own encounters with Antioch police, others spoke of the experiences of children and loved ones.卐SR211A122JAR➘She explained the situation to an officer at the fire station and received Sikes’s phone number. Majcunich-Beasley reconnected with Sikes early last week. Sikes, 51, immediately remembered her and the rescue.♦


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