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☂In an interview with San Diego TV station NBC 7, the family of William Gross told the station they have not lost hope and that he and his sailing companions will be found.▉C0805C102JAREC【NYPD deputy commissioner Julian Phillips said in a statement that police assisted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's private security team Tuesday evening.►0612ZC225KAJ2A◈During Sunday's tournament game, Reese —who transferred from the University of Maryland last fall — celebrated the Tigers' lead against the Hawkeyes by making a hand gesture popularized by wrestler John Cena, titled "You Can't See Me."▣2225Y0250120FCR⇑Dustin Jones contributed to this story.↺

⊙Once young people sign up for black-market jobs, many find it hard to quit. Police say that crime bosses control recruits through coercion, including by threatening violence against family members.➻ZPY12-TR☜The number of children working in the fields has probably increased since the start of the pandemic, Cuello told NPR. Part of the reason is that kids weren't going to school, but another factor was that people without legal immigration status couldn't access many of the pandemic relief resources available to U.S. citizens.▨


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0603J010P820CCR◤"The move grounds all Army aviators, except those participating in critical missions, until they complete the required training," the Army said in a statement.✄1206J1000200JQT♦Faith Community Church "is doing the heavy lifting," Hung says. "We are asking them to take care of the property and steward the property, find community renters and nonprofits."⊙


↑The Justice Department announced charges Friday against more than two dozen people including three sons of the drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán and other members of the notorious Sinaloa cartel. The crackdown is part of a far-reaching fentanyl trafficking investigation.⇡VS-6FLR60S05↥Proceedings for his federal charges are still pending after he pleaded not guilty to 27 charges, including several counts of hate crimes resulting in death.♛2225J5K00561KCT√Since becoming his party's leader in 2007, McConnell has been the fulcrum for many a deal between the parties and between the House and Senate. And he has been key to breaking through with the White House as well.▫C0805C512K4JACAUTO◑Corden reminded the singer that she has an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar and wondered if she would ever actively pursue a Tony Award. "You have the EGO" he said.▫

✍While incidents like this have happened before, they've never lasted this long, according to a defense official. The U.S. has been tracking the balloon "for quite some time" as it entered U.S. continental airspace a couple of days ago, the official said.▧1825J1K20102KXT♥Woodmont Baptist Church is about two miles from where the shooting took place. On Monday, the church was also where anxious parents waited to reunite with their children who attend Covenant.➢


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1812Y5K00330FCT▊The WGA is demanding, among other things, an increase in minimum pay, more residual payments from streaming, as well as increased contributions to its health and pension plans.◫4232-183J☠Brian Robert Shul was born in Quantico, Va., on Feb. 8, 1948, though he lost his middle name legally because of a clerical error when he enlisted in the Air Force. His father was a Marine Corps officer and director of the Marine Corps band. His mother was a homemaker.⇥


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1812AC223KAT4A◦Merchan "doesn't let the prosecutors or the defendants create any issues in his courtroom. He doesn't let a media circus or any other kind of circus happen. I don't think Donald Trump attacking him and threatening him is going to bode very well for him in the courtroom," Agnifilo said.♢CDR01BP150BJUS\M☂Follow live updates on former President Donald Trump's arraignment here.✲

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