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⇍Spencer references other possible associations, including moldy corn and patients' previous history of measles as possible further drivers of disease, perhaps interacting synergistically. In one of his studies, 50 nodding syndrome sufferers had higher rates of measles and exposure to moldy food compared to a control group.▓CGA8P1C0G3F331K250KE▕The behavior of Israeli police around the Al-Aqsa Mosque earlier this week had been reminiscent of other incidents that have previously sparked wider conflagrations in the region. In the eyes of many Palestinians, such raids symbolize Israel's growing expansion and intensifying occupation of predominantly Palestinian areas, with a hardline Jewish nationalist now serving as Israel's security minister.█1808J2500151KXR♭— David Martin contributed to this report.▧GCJ319R71H104MA01L♥Successive governments have forged close ties with Iraq's Shiite-led neighbor Iran, while Iraq maintains relations with Iran's arch foe, the United States, in a delicate balancing act.◐

◐South Korean customs data shows that K-pop album exports last year exceeded $230 million, marking a 4.8% growth from the previous year. That figure is dwarfed by previous years' growth — 62.1% in 2021 and 82.6% in 2020.○IMD1AT108⇛Since Modi became prime minister in 2014, India has slipped in rank from 140 to 150 in the World Press Freedom Index of 180 countries compiled by Reporters Without Borders.✥


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MA44781のHumphrey also expressed his condolences to the victims of the shooting. "As a profession, we're here to save people. And even though we saved lives that day, there are people that lost theirs. We need to honor and respect them."♪150D224X0020A2TE3➲Following the shooting, police discovered an AR-15-style rifle and a handgun at the scene after Garcia was killed, The Associated Press reported. Questions still remain about how, where and when Garcia obtained the gun used in the shooting.〓


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1808Y2500560FCT✥Stephenson sees this moment as a paradigm shift in underwater archaeology.✪C0603X181J1HAC7867↔Reform advocates like Kaplan from Lewis & Clark say the process has been too slow, "especially for people who are in prison."✆


ⓛIn the U.S. alone, 153 people were arrested. Authorities seized 104 illegal guns and over 200,000 pills, including ones containing fentanyl, the DOJ said.▫VJ0805A1R2CXQPW1BC⇎Over the years, Struthers UMC has weathered the boom and bust cycles of the Youngstown, Ohio, suburb. In the 1960s, when the steel industry was at its height, it was common to see as many as 250 people in the pews on any given Sunday. But Theobald, who started preaching there in 2009, has presided over a congregation in slow decline. Today, services attract only a few dozen, mostly older, congregants.❃VJ0603D7R5DXXAP♪Sheeran later addressed reporters outside of the courthouse.◄1206Y0630121JDT➴Axiom won't say how much Shoffner and Saudi Arabia are paying for the planned 10-day mission. The company had previously cited a ticket price of $55 million each.➹

☼This article is part of a partnership that includes KUNC, NPR, and KHN.⊙SCR125B-180☎“You compose yourself and you go, ‘You know what? It is what it is,’” Majcunich-Beasley said. “You can't change it. You just hope help arrives sooner than later in that scenario.”▭


▯Authorities confirmed to NPR that no one was injured in the incident, which happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday night and is now under review by the FBI and Department of Defense.✲IRF9Z34NLPBF☆Allegations of sexual misconduct loom large at NBCUniversal. In 2020, Vice Chairman Ron Meyer was pushed out after disclosing that he had paid hush money to an actress with whom he had had an affair.✍CDR35BP203AFWR\M1K"Technology is going to help us, we hope, get better at knowing who is at risk and knowing when," he said. "But people want to see humans; they want to talk to humans."✲1N4757AE3/TR13▬"But, for today, Bakhmut is only in our hearts. There is nothing on this place, so — just ground and — and a lot of dead Russians," he said.✪

➚Italy, Spain, Jordan and Greece also brought out a total of several hundred more people, including their own citizens of those of other countries.▐GA1210A272FBBAT31G⇡The altercation took place on May 1 on a New York City subway train. Neely, who used to perform on subway platforms as a Michael Jackson impersonator, was shouting that he was hungry and thirsty and willing to die. Moments later, Penny put Neely in a chokehold for several minutes. Neely was pronounced dead that same day.☠

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