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☆Garland said drug traffickers turn to the dark web to sell illegal drugs in exchange for cryptocurrency. The drugs may be advertised as brand-name pharmaceuticals but the pills can be counterfeit and laced with fentanyl.◫


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UDZVFHTE-1712B☜In response to an NPR email for this story seeking comment and requesting details about what in particular might have led to the new designation, the company's press account auto-replied with a poop emoji — a message it has been sending to journalists for weeks.★4379R-185HS⇤The store got started in 2008 with the help of several national organizations and a grant from the USDA. A similar grant program is offered today, in addition to other rural food initiatives. The Village of Cody owns the building, while the school district and a local non-profit, Cowboy Grit, helped finance the store.❒

♠The kiwi encounter with Paora was offered as "a one of a kind experience you'll be sure to cherish forever," the zoo's website said before that encounter was removed. The kiwi encounter was previously offered four times per week.✡


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RDER71H332K0K1H03B⇒Navalny has faced unrelenting pressure from Russian authorities, and has been in and out of isolation in a tiny punishment cell. He is allowed to write letters or have his lawyers visit occasionally.♖PM5022S-151M-RC➳LUCKNOW, India — A former Indian lawmaker convicted of kidnapping and facing murder and assault charges was shot dead along with his brother in a dramatic attack that was caught live on TV in northern India, officials said Sunday.⇥


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0508YC224KAT2A⇖No word yet on what this all means for zoodles.★1808Y2500391KFTぃThat includes bans on gender-affirming medical care for minors, restrictions on the types of restrooms transgender people can use, measures restricting classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity, and bills that would out transgender students who want teachers to address them by the pronouns they use.⇇


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