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VJ0603A391KXBAC➲A coroner will determine the cause of death. Police say her injuries resulted from falling to the floor, not from the electric charge from the Taser-brand stun gun.↛C0805C333F3JACAUTO☁The driver, identified as a man from Brownsville, has been charged with reckless driving, Sandoval told KRGV. He said authorities are investigating whether the crash was intentional or accidental. They are also testing the driver for intoxication.☣


◐The Second Amendment is "a myth, it's a joke, it's just a game they play," he added. "I mean, that's freedom. Is it freedom for kids to go to school and try to socialize and try to learn and be scared to death that they might die that day?"☞HZM6.8Z4MFATR-E↷Before visiting the South Lawn, the first couple had breakfast with 40 egg farmers, many members of the American Egg Board, a marketing organization for egg producers.♭RS2J-E3/5BT×Cadwallader Staub carefully followed directions her friend had given her, and safely arrived in Boston. After the ceremony, she walked back to her car, planning on following the same directions in reverse order. What she didn't account for was being forced to leave the parking lot directly onto a one-way street. She told herself not to panic: she'd just take the first left and another left and then head out of the city.☺VJ1206A472GLAAJ32☼Police declared Singh, a 30-year-old preacher, a fugitive and accused him and his aides of creating discord in the state. Police accused him and his associates of spreading disharmony among people, attempted murder, attacking police personnel and obstructing public servants' lawful discharge of duty.の

⇇Tyson had placed the manuscript in an archive at the University of North Carolina with the agreement that it not be made public for decades, though he said he gave it to the FBI during an investigation the agency concluded in 2021. He said he decided to make it public after some of Till's relatives and other people doing research at the Leflore County, Mississippi, courthouse in June 2022 found an arrest warrant on kidnapping charges that was issued for "Mrs. Roy Bryant" in 1955 but never served.◊2SK2593JQL▕Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated Biden's position on the 14th amendment, telling NBC's Meet the Press: "It doesn't seem like something that could be appropriately used in these circumstances given the legal uncertainty around it and given the tight timeframe we're on, so my devout hope is that Congress will raise the debt ceiling."➳

⊞And while food prices have started to drop, they're still 7.7% higher than they were a year ago, according to April data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.⇛


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1206Y0160272KDR↴But after beginning a personal meditation practice, Griffiths started asking different questions – inquiries that felt out of place in the world of science. Questions like, is there a god? Do we have a soul? And, can we use our minds to somehow alleviate our physical suffering?✄TYS4018330M-10◨After the oath, Charles is expected to be anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will pour the oil onto a spoon and anoint Charles' hands, head and breast.❑


☛The Biden administration, facing aggressive subpoenas from a Republican-controlled House, is citing those dissenting opinions. The administration contends that congressional requests for information from executive agencies have traditionally been negotiated between the two branches.◈1206Y2008P20CAT♨"America must provide reparations if we desire a prosperous future for all," Bush said.◈TMK042CG1R5CD-W☠Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee drove to the county Saturday to tour the destruction and comfort residents. He said the storm capped the "worst" week of his time as governor, coming days after a school shooting in Nashville that killed six people including a family friend whose funeral he and his wife just attended.⇇T86D106K025EASS⋄In one of my last briefings I gave the vice president, I said, Mr. Vice President, you make the decisions. I don't make policy. You were elected to make policy. I'm just giving you what our analysts bring to the table in terms of expertise from the field, and that if those questions are not answered, we will have serious problems on our hands.☜

➝A similar amyloid-targeting drug, Eisai and Biogen's Leqembi, recently hit the market with similar evidence that it could modestly slow Alzheimer's — and also some safety concerns, brain swelling or small brain bleeds.✄2225J0250333KDT▬The Codex Sassoon is the most valuable book ever sold at auction, according to Sotheby's. The record-breaking price surpassed the 1994 sale of Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester manuscript, which sold for $30.8 million.▒

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