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▐They don't call it the "death cap" mushroom without good reason. It's one of the most poisonous mushrooms in the world. Eating only half a cap can shut down your liver – and if you don't get medical attention fast enough, that shroom just might turn out to be your last meal.↑

⇉The vast majority of Asian adults — and U.S. adults in general — agreed that accepting those with diverse racial and religious backgrounds and believing in individual freedoms were important.☪


▣The Statement of Facts:➤1206J1000270JAT◤Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, said she was riding her horse, aptly named Redemption, when her phone lit up with notifications telling her of Trump's indictment. While initially thrilled to see the case taking steps forward, the next day felt "kind of anti-climactic," she said. "I thought I would feel excited and vindicated."♥CDR31BP470BJMPAB➸Following similar claims Khan made last weekend, when he named a serving intelligence officer, an army spokesman said in a statement that Khan had "leveled highly irresponsible and baseless allegations against a serving senior military officer without any evidence" and described his claims as "extremely unfortunate, deplorable and unacceptable."♡PBSS4230QA147✲MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Democrats have scored a major off-year election victory in Wisconsin, winning the state's open supreme court seat and flipping control of the court to liberals for the first time in 15 years.☣

➥"It's time to get rid of the monarchy," Graham Smith, Republic's leader, told NPR. "We will be chanting, 'Not my king!' when Charles goes past."☞2225J6K00220FCR⇢The government elected a year ago is increasing resources for aged care.✐

☜The bill also would prevent transgender people under 19 from receiving any gender-confirming surgery. It would also restrict the use of hormone treatments and puberty blockers in minors, putting the state's chief medical officer — a political appointee who is an ear, nose and throat doctor — in charge of setting the rules for those therapies. In Nebraska, people younger than 19 are considered minors.➡


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GA0805Y123JXJBP31G〓"A formal statement is planned and forthcoming as the teen's injuries allow," she said. "We recognize the frustration this can cause in the entire criminal justice process."⇂1PMT5956E3/TR7➹There's also the issue of what to do about people like Tacuma Jackson — people who have served their time but still have a non-unanimous conviction on their record.☂

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