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Post Date:2023-05-25 20:47:30

▃Bragg's case rests on the idea that Trump regularly employed a "catch and kill" scheme to bury negative information.♪

↾"What is the likelihood of that?" Tacopina asked. "One in 20 billion? One in 10 billion?"¤


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VS-6CWH02FNHM3➤None of this made for an auspicious start to the trial for Fox or the Murdochs.☂SDR0503-472J♧This week, Rapp was part of a panel of three international legal experts, a kind of "people's court," at The Hague who reviewed evidence and heard testimony from survivors and members of the military against Russian President Vladimir Putin for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.↴

◇Burris' clients include those who say they were repeatedly targeted and falsely accused by Antioch police officers.↕

❑The officer then called for emergency personnel, the department said in an earlier tweet, and a multi-agency response helped secure the mall.✍


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