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◄A newlywed bride is dead and a groom is in serious condition after a woman who is accused of driving under the influence and more than double the speed limit slammed into the back of a golf cart on a South Carolina beach road, authorities said.☂LQW15AN8N1J8ZD▂Trump himself did not invoke the name of Bryan, but some around him did. His chief strategist Steven Bannon told the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference that Trump was "probably the greatest speaker in those large arenas since William Jennings Bryan."♞ECC-A3J270JGEDaniel Ho, faculty director of the Regulation, Evaluation and Governance Lab at Stanford Law School, told NPR he's pleased to see that the agency has dedicated resources to better understand the disparities in tax audits.➛293D227X9004C2TE3♦On Israel's borders with Lebanon and Gaza on Friday, the Israeli military said it was boosting infantry and artillery forces in a defensive move "to prepare for all possible scenarios."↼

❃Like some of the most powerful wordless picture books and graphic novels — from Shaun Tan's pioneering The Arrival to Daishu Ma's Leaf, Guojing's The Only Child, or even Sara Varon's lighter Robot Dreams, Ephemera manages to present a fully developed internal, and external, landscape without leaning heavily on words. It's a sophisticated and picturesque exploration of the weights that adults carry with them from their childhoods, imprints and encumbrances that accompany them wherever they go. It's a reminder, too, of how people can reshape these burdens, using art and inventiveness to realign the past in relation to the present.↔TPSD107K016H0125✪The Senior Safe Act from 2018, the last piece of major legislation to address elder wealth management on the federal level, attempts to address this reticence. It gives immunity to financial institutions in civil and administrative proceedings in instances where employees report possible exploitation of a senior — provided the bank or investment firm has trained its staff to identify exploitative activity.❒


  1. AISC-1008-R18G-T
  2. C324C223GAG5TA7301
  3. JANTX1N4625DUR-1
  4. FDLL3595

DZ23C6V8-TP♂Owen Burns, a 13-year-old Michigan boy, is being credited with saving his sister's life after he fended off a would-be kidnapper by shooting him with a slingshot.➙1206J0100822FCT➚"Sap seeps down a fir tree's trunk like bitter tears.... I brace against the tree and weep for the children, for the parents left behind, for my father who lived, for those who didn't," Lajimodiere wrote in a poem based on interviews with boarding school victims, published in her 2016 book "Bitter Tears."⇞


✎In comments, others remembered O'Neill as "the epitome of a community leader — the most badass advocate" and a "champion for every woman and girl in the outdoors."█C323C339DAG5TA7301→WOOD: We were listening to it and we were stunned because we had been intimately involved in the preparation for that in the days leading up to the speech. And we had to analysts full time doing fact checking, turning things back, editing. But it became direct statements of fact.  Iraq harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by Zarqawi, an associate and collaborator of bin Laden. Baghdad has an agent in the most senior levels of Ansar al strong Islam. This agent offered al Qaeda a safe haven in the region, something we didn't have anything about. He traveled to Baghdad, staying in the capital for two months while he recuperated to fight another day. While it is true he was in the capital, we don't know that that was in any cooperation with the Iraqis at all.☁8.85E+11↲The study will take into account a person's genetics, gut microbes, and other lifestyle, environmental and social factors "to help each individual develop eating recommendations that improve overall health," Nicastro says.☺TAJD476M025TNJV●I hadn't thought of myself as a misfit or that the end had come. But they drew my attention to those negative ideas. And that discrimination was a big blow for me.☎

↘Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba are previous winners of the official player of the tournament award, and Erling Haaland was the top scorer at the 2019 edition.➚1808Y0500562GCR♕Here's a look at what's on Congress' plate:▼

❥"If you look at the issue of semiconductors, batteries or EVs," he commented, "would the U.S. really sacrifice its own interests to protect South Korea?"✈


☃KHARTOUM, Sudan — As foreign governments airlifted hundreds of their diplomats and other citizens from Sudan, Sudanese on Monday desperately sought ways to escape the chaos amid fears the country's two rival generals could escalate their all-out battle for power once evacuations were completed.☞JMK325AC7107MM-P✐The U.S. president's trip to Europe also comes amid new concerns, expressed publicly by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that China is considering providing Russia with lethal aid to bolster its efforts in Ukraine.♧C1812C821J2GACTU♤Transgender activists in Pakistan said they plan to appeal to the highest court in the land an Islamic court's ruling that guts a law aimed at protecting their rights.▣GQM1885C2A2R4CB01D↪"CWO would want transparency, and lay people elected from dioceses rather than chosen by the hierarchy, but it is a start!" said the CWO's Pat Brown.❁

ºA few months later, in April 2022, CMS decided to pay for eight tests per month for those with Medicare Part B outpatient coverage, including tens of millions of seniors, one of the groups most susceptible to severe illness and death from the virus. It was the first time the agency agreed to cover non-prescription, over-the-counter products at no cost to beneficiaries.❤JANTX1N6332US➨The federal government can emphasize the more flexible options for spending the settlement money compared with federal funds, Gilbert said.▧


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