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▬Dominion Voting Systems alleged that Fox stars, executives, journalists and guests defamed the election tech company for segments in which wild and spurious conspiracies held it had switched votes for then-President Donald Trump to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.▬STTH16L06CG-TR▦Goodman died Saturday peacefully and surrounded by family at a hospice in Kent, England, his agent Jackie Gill told the BBC. Goodman is survived by his wife, son and two grandchildren.▣TAZF335K035LBLC0945유The parade route will be shorter than his mother's. The ceremony will include a nod to other faiths besides Christianity. And all of the U.K., not just aristocrats, will be asked to swear allegiance to King Charles.♥0805J2500131JQT✡There have been 146 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.↬

♀Kendall has taken one thing from Logan's playbook: doing anything necessary for the company. Roman has taken a different thing from it: reflexively punishing people who say anything you don't want to hear — with an added focus on powerful women that seems like it comes from exactly the same place as all of Roman's past moments of misogynist, vulgar, gnarly language. The more they try to be Logan, the more they are not Logan — and not in the good ways.C1210C150J4HAC7800➪The Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network condemned Tangaraju's execution as "reprehensible."⊠


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0420CDMCCDS-1R2MC◨The issue in the recalled Atlas SUVs has caused the passenger occupant detection system to sense a malfunction and turn off the airbag when it shouldn't, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.✁CL10B473KB8VPJC↣"We continue to assist U.S. citizens and others who are eligible with onward travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where additional U.S. personnel are positioned to assist with consular and emergency services," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a statement Sunday.✌


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VJ0805Q820FFBAO◘"This is also a very fluid situation," Sgt. Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said during a press conference, adding that officials are still trying to confirm who was in the studio building at the time of the incident.▅TBJA105K010CBLB0823➯But on Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected those claims. Writing for the Court, Justice Clarence Thomas said that the social media companies' so-called recommendations were nothing more than "agnostic" algorithms that navigated an "immense ocean of content" in order to "match material to users who might be interested."➽


❤Trump has denied all three stories about the affairs.✲RS2M-13♩But if the Indus Waters Treaty is loathed by environmentalists, it is also credited with preventing war over water between India and Pakistan by dividing the six rivers that crisscross the two countries. That is no small feat: India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed, have waged war three times and had multiple smaller conflagrations. They remain hostile neighbors 75 years after both countries were partitioned.GRM1885C2A9R1DA01D❀During a pregame news conference before the season's regular season finale against the Dallas Mavericks, Popovich, who has coached the Spurs for the past 27 years, bypassed conversations about his retirement and singled out congressional politicians such as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan for their apparent inaction.▨NESG340033-T1B-A♚Despite those allegations, Santos refused calls from many fellow New York Republicans to resign.▬

♂The California-based lender said it lost more than 40% of its deposits in March, as customers moved billions of dollars elsewhere.▨C0402Y5V100-104ZNEぃHowever, the online documents do mention combat brigades that Ukraine is assembling and when they should be ready to fight. There's also information on the rate at which Ukraine is burning through ammunition. While this issue has been discussed publicly by the U.S. and Ukraine, the documents provide details that have not been disclosed.☀

☈So what should meteorite hunters look for? The museum says chemical composition testing is the most definitive way to know what they've found, but there are clues that can point them in the right direction.✍


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