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⊙In 2021, 474 people died from fentanyl-related overdoses in the city. Between January and March of this year, 200 people died from accidental drug overdoses, with a vast majority of deaths involving the synthetic opioid, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.↓PM3316-221M-RC☪Last year, President Joe Biden's administration offered all households a limited number of at-home tests for free, increasing access to testing as part of its effort to combat COVID.▽CDR31BP120BJUSAB⇧GARY COHN: Well, you're right. Former chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, myself wrote an op ed where we talked about, look, you have to have a board that has qualifications. They have to understand banking. How can a board oversee a bank that they don't have qualifications and, yes, expand deposit insurance, but you could have tiered pricing. It could be one pricing for deposits below $250,000. And then you could have tiered pricing as your deposits go up and you want them insured, you- it will be more expensive to insure those deposits. But the key here is, Margaret, and this is very important, we need to keep deposits in the US banking system. It's imperative that we keep deposits in the US banking system because that's how we grow our economy by allowing banks to relend those deposits into consumers, to consume, to buy houses, to buy cars, to go to college. There is an alternative. There's a very important alternative that we talked about in our op ed. The alternative is US Treasury bonds or US Treasury bills. They pay a higher rate and they have a tax advantage to them. The horrible outcome would be if people take their money out of banks in the United States and put them into US Treasury obligations. That would have a dramatic impact on slowing down economic growth and slowing down the economy.✄GA1210A182JBBAR31G▣McCarthy's predecessor, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan last year, a move that prompted an angry reaction from Beijing. Soon after, China's People's Liberation Army staged military exercises, and, for the first time, fired ballistic missiles over Taiwan.▀

☁The year 1984 would be pivotal for Turner. She dueted with David Bowie on the reggae-influenced title track of his Tonight LP, and finally achieved widespread mainstream success on her own thanks to the blockbuster Private Dancer. As with "Ball of Confusion," the album embraced the decade's slicker, cutting-edge production values — in fact, two songs were co-produced by Ware — while still highlighting Turner's muscular voice and eclectic influences.➺1210J0160330GCR♡"I think attorneys' own sense of self-preservation hopefully will go some distance towards incentivising them to do a little due diligence on the front end," Pfefferkorn said.➪


✡–COMMERCIAL BREAK–㊣MMBZ5234C-G3-18➳For Sikes, the feat was a routine part of the job.▅1825J1K00102GCT✄Popular in China, Pinduoduo is an e-commerce app which often offers discounts if users team up to buy multiples of an item. Google warned users Tuesday to uninstall any Pinduoduo app not downloaded from its own Play Store. Downloads of Android and even iOS apps can often be found on websites that allow people to download mobile applications without going through official stores.◐GRM1555C2AR90BA01D⇇The G-7 economies comprise only a tenth of the world's population but about 30% of economic activity, down from roughly half 40 years ago. Developing economies like China, India and Brazil have made huge gains, raising questions about the G-7's relevance and role in leading a world economy increasingly reliant on growth in less wealthy nations.❁

✐"Somebody's got to start thinking about mama, because I know I'm tired of it and everybody behind me is tired of it," Burkett said. "We're tired of going to the mothers and having to tell them that these kids are not coming home."♩1812Y0630104KET➘For a minimum of £150,000, or just over $186,000, Barlocco Island off the coast of Scotland could be yours — but don't count on being able to build yourself a home. The island is considered a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which will make any kind of construction exceedingly difficult, and that's if you can get there.▷


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T491A226M010AH☼BERLIN — Police across Europe arrested dozens of people, raided homes and seized millions of euros in assets on Wednesday, in a coordinated crackdown on Italy's 'ndrangheta organized crime syndicate, one of the world's most powerful, extensive and wealthy drug-trafficking groups.◇M39003/09-4041B¤They said that I'd been a very smart gal and had shown so much promise. But they were all lamenting that I was now a failure because I was enrolled at this school. They told me, "We knew you had an eye defect, but we never knew it was going to be this bad."✒


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C2225X474KBRACAUTO◀The museum documents the wildlife of Sudan and its neighbor South Sudan. The facility serves both scientists and the general public. It also contains hundreds of valuable preserved animal specimens, some of which are now extinct, according to Abdalla.۰SI1303EDL-T1-E3↿"Taco Bell seeks no damages; it simply seeks reason and common sense," Taco Bell said.☪


♨After voting to end debate, Davis said in a message to The Post that he preferred the six-week ban to the existing 22-week limit. “We needed to bring this to a vote one way or another,” he said. “All senators who wanted to be heard had been heard.”↥0805Y5000391KET↽As her mother watches from a nearby bench, she gives up on the playground equipment and heads for a row of bushes, where she begins to collect leaves and sticks, mumbling to herself as she searches.ⓥ1808JA250120FCTSY2↑"I called the surgery center [asking] what time is this appointment? 'Oh, we canceled that. He doesn't have insurance," she says. "So I jump on the portal and sure enough, they don't have insurance."◫1825Y3K00222KXR♨Rebecca Johnson, now chief scientist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., previously led the Koala Genome Consortium in Australia. She said that seeing the effects of the disease up close was heartbreaking.▆

◇When President Biden announced on Tuesday that he would run for reelection, he said the effort would be helmed by Julie Chávez Rodriguez.✣1812Y1000223GFR→Hlasa is the Lesotho country director of Riders for Health, an organization that transports medical professionals and health services to isolated communities in need of vaccinations, medications and other treatments and tests◑


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