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✦Jacqueline Towarnicki got a text as she finished her day shift at a local clinic in Missoula, Montana. She had a new case, a patient covered in bruises who couldn't remember how the injuries got there.⇐1210J0250682KCR↕Protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building before filing by the government's headquarters and onto a highway bridge spanning the Sava River, where evening commuters had to turn their vehicles around to avoid getting stuck. At the head of the column was a black banner reading "Serbia Against Violence."✌CDR01BP101BJMSAJ♨"Justice is a sharp instrument; it must draw fine distinctions. Conciliation depends on finding commonalities. It might require a little blurriness," Branigan observes.⇨0505Y1502P00CQT⊠Hillsborough County arrest records confirm that Singletary is being held on a fugitive warrant with no bond.➺

۰North Carolina authorities charged Singletary with four counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflicting serious injury.⊙VJ0603D390KLCAC✲Garcia was carrying three weapons with him and had five more in his car — all legally obtained, according to Hank Sibley, regional director with the Texas Department of Public Safety.▒


☻The shutdown of the reactors Emsland, Neckarwestheim II and Isar II, agreed to more than a decade ago, was being closely watched abroad.✿VJ0805D360FLAAC⇚This story comes from NPR's health reporting partnership with Side Effects Public Media and KFF Health News.☣HBZ681KBBCF0KR○The indictment does not specify these other crimes. Bragg said he views New York state law as not requiring prosecutors to do so.◊150D826X5020S2B❖Born in the Donbas, Ukraine's industrial heartland, Tatarsky worked as a coal miner before starting a furniture business. When he ran into financial difficulties, he robbed a bank and was sentenced to prison. He fled from custody after a Russia-backed separatist rebellion engulfed the Donbas in 2014, weeks after Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. Then he joined separatist rebels and fought on the front line before turning to blogging.▼

☋The expedition deployed two submersibles, named Romeo and Juliet, some 2.3 miles below the surface to map every millimeter of the wreck site.▥2225Y0250275MDR♈That gap, researchers found, was likely driven by noncitizen residents who are missing from the agency's count, especially those with "unknown legal status." About 19.7% of noncitizens tallied in the simulation using administrative records had addresses that could not be matched with those counted in the 2020 census.❤


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1206J0100153KCT☀DeSantis’s open antipathy toward “corporate media” is a key part of his brand. A DeSantis spokesman characterized the proposal as part of a push to enforce “media accountability.” The bill’s author told The Washington Post free speech concerns are overblown.✐TAZB105K025CBSZ0900❁One part of that alleged scheme was to try to get Trump to send a dissident living in the U.S. back to China to curry favor with the Chinese government.▄


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IRG4BC20KD-S▄Authorities have been pursuing Arrington and three other inmates who broke out over the weekend from a Mississippi jail under federal scrutiny. Arrington is suspected of killing a man and stealing his pickup truck after the escape.«P1330-224H☻"Because diabetes is a chronic illness, there are always six-month appointments," says Donna Dees, who lives in Georgia and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2008. "Every six months, go to the doctor, you've got lab work. So that's how the costs keep building up and building up."⇞


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GRT1555C1H750JA02D×But the class-action lawsuit Moskowitz is involved in is focused on the 11 celebrity figures who promoted FTX, appearing in flashy commercials and ads — some of which aired during the Super Bowl. Those marketing campaigns and endorsement, the suit alleges, lured “unsophisticated investors” and cost them their fortunes. And promoting those risky unregistered securities without any prior research is in violation of Florida laws protecting investors from fraud and deception, the lawsuit claims.➡TWSD337K075CBSZ0000▓After its own attack, the staff at Johnson Memorial suddenly had to revert back to low-tech ways of patient care. They relied on pen and paper for medical records and notes, and sent runners between departments to take orders and deliver test results. The impacts were felt for weeks.⇎

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