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0805Y0160331GCR◫"They killed her in the middle of the road — she was trying to cover her children and then they shoot her," she says.◊CAS18C391MAGFC☼The 2021 final numbers, released Monday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, confirmed earlier estimates by the agency showing a 10.5% increase in deaths over 2020. That's the highest number since 2005 and the largest percentage increase since 1975.⊕


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GA1210A271JBBAR31G▍Eric S. Bland, the Satterfield family’s attorney, tweeted that the federal charges against Murdaugh amounted to “a great day for justice in South Carolina.”1808Y0250103KCR▤Lawyers and victims told CBS News that ads on social media platforms lured some in, but for many, it was acquaintances who had already been hooked.◇


▋The Twitter account notes that tracked flights "do not guarantee that DeSantis is onboard." Sweeney, an information technology major at the University of Central Florida, said he may also try to track any flights DeSantis takes on the private planes of his political donors.⇨SK035E335ZAA웃A glance at sunlight through a leaf, or dew on the grass will send me a charge of energy that lifts my spirit. I am in my 50s now, and have learned how to rebalance, to hit the reset button when patterns became unsustainable. I garden, and learned that life is very much like gardening. That pain, like dirt, is invaluable to growth. That insect pests and garden weeds, like illnesses and bad choices, are things to look out for, to understand and to manage. We can't keep them out completely and simple routines work well enough. -June Pham, Sacramento, Calif.⊙1N5942AP/TR12↔After decades of preparation, King Charles, 74, is reportedly focused on modernizing and "slimming down" the monarchy. He's long been passionate about philanthropic causes, particularly environmental ones, and many Brits are waiting to see what that means for his reign.➸C0805C829C8HAC7800➡DeSantis went on to pass a bill that stripped Disney of its self-governing authority.☪

☾"Allowing migrants to register for an exemption to Title 42 is a more humane alternative than leaving them vulnerable to misinformation from smugglers," Flores told CBS News. "This type of innovation in border processing is the future of orderly migration at the southern border."▄1206J1000101GCR▧He pleaded not guilty to all the charges.▬


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VJ0805D330GLAAP☈It's not immediately clear how the new drug will be used differently compared to naloxone, and some experts see potential downsides to its longer-acting effect. The drug will be available via prescription and is approved for patients 12 and older.◇0603Y0255P60CFR♜Security forces have also intensified a crackdown against Khan's supporters and senior advisers. Some, after being released on bail, stepped out of the courthouses and were arrested again. "It's a total banana republic right now," Khan told NPR. "We are headed for out-and-out martial law."▀

▩Musk, "like many public figures, is the subject of many 'deepfake' videos and audio recordings that purport to show him saying and doing things he never actually said or did," they wrote in a court filing, going on to describe several fake videos of the billionaire.☪


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