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⇦The United Nations regards access to safe drinking water as a universal human right. But its own figures show roughly 2 billion people around the world do not have access to it and roughly half the world's population experiences severe water scarcity at least once a year.⇏GJM0335C1E8R6CB01J→Volkswagen is not aware of any injuries related to this problem, spokesperson Mark Gillies said.⇒C323C183F1G5TA7301➱Griner was released from a Russian prison in December 2022 in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was detained in the U.S. Last August, she was sentenced to nine years in prison for illegally carrying less than a gram of hash oil into Russia, which was legally prescribed to her in the U.S. for pain management. The two-time Olympic gold medalist was traveling there to play in the Russian women's professional basketball league.♥C321C152FAG5TA♣Margaret Burns, the mother of the two children, said her daughter was still processing what happened but was doing well.♀

⇑NAKHLEH: The whole issue of de-Baathification. They were talking about ultimately de-Baathification after the war. And they I must admit, they had no idea of the role of the Baath Party in Iraqi society that, for example, everybody had to have a party card membership card in order to get a job. You could not get a job in Iraq from a taxi driver to a university professor without getting having a Baath Party card.①T322E107K015AT◥In a handwritten letter sent to the U.S. since his arrest in Russia, journalist Evan Gershkovich told his family that he is "not losing hope" and continues to read and write in detention.♪


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CWR29HC335KCDC▊"We have so much rewilding power here," said the project's wildlife veterinarian, Michelle Otto.▀CWR29FC335KBAB\TR♥Now the company is shifting gears, turning some of those popular trucks into EVs and launching other electric models later this year, including the Chevy Blazer EV and the Chevy Equinox EV, Williams added.✲


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NTE5653➲Former President Donald Trump is facing 34 charges relating to hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. But it's not the payment itself that's at issue here – it's his business' alleged falsification of records to cover up any paper trail of that payment.⚘C315C912F5G5TA▰"Without exaggeration American debt is a ticking time bomb that will detonate unless we take serious, responsible action," McCarthy, R-Calif., warned in a speech at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday.▼


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GMC21CG151F100NT☎"Our sincere condolences to all effected by this tragedy, to the family of this brave, courageous woman who lost her life while saving another," the office added.¤HS3G M6G◑You see where this is going? For an approved drug not to be on cancer guidelines, the evidence sucks.▧


▬An extensive open survey is required to establish whether the species is indeed invasive, says Vaibhav A. Mantri, senior principal scientist at CSIR-Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute. "There are contrary views on this subject," he says.◨CDR31BP680BKUS\M1K⇝On a basic level, the new law makes it very difficult for Russians — mostly men but also women with specialized skills — to avoid being drafted or conscripted.⇥0805J1500220KQT☁Speaking to reporters Tuesday in Ghana as part of his multi-nation trip to Africa and Singapore, Kishida said he hopes to visit May 7-8 and exchange views with Yoon on ways to speed up the bolstering of bilateral ties and discuss regional and global issues.☣M39006/22-0093♪For the first time, United Nations members have agreed on a unified treaty to protect biodiversity in the high seas — representing a turning point for vast stretches of the planet where conservation has previously been hampered by a confusing patchwork of laws.▒

⇄And for the first time at any coronation, girl choristers from around the U.K. will sing alongside the legendary boy sopranos of the Choir of Westminster Abbey.❀STL11N6F7■The voters' "very clear message now becomes our guide," she said. "With my team, we'll follow up on their decision as I had pledged."☀

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