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↧In the case with its treadmill, Peloton received more than 150 reports of incidents involving people, pets or objects getting injured or killed by the time the company reported the problems to regulators.☜


↚But Republican North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry, a key McCarthy ally who has been part of these talks, did not sound optimistic.♪0201YC103KAT4A┲"He alone has the authority and the power to change the ethical standards of the court," Durbin told NPR. "This constant drip of articles about the justices and their conduct — and certainly Justice Thomas — should be fair warning to Chief Justice Roberts that the integrity of the court is at stake with this issue."¤STD1802T4⇄But the label given to NPR was no laughing matter to free press watchers who viewed it as "a dangerous move that could further undermine public confidence in reliable news sources," the literary organization PEN America said in a statement.⇘0603J2503P60HQT➛"He was still alive when he was taken away, but he never came home," she added. "My husband's life was stolen from him viciously. Life as I knew it [was] stolen from me. My world as I knew it came to an end."✑

♔The rule will ban locomotive engines more than 23 years old by 2030 and increase the use of zero-emissions technology to transport freight from ports and throughout railyards. It would also ban locomotives in the state from idling longer than 30 minutes if they are equipped with an automatic shutoff.▋0201YA6R8CAQ2A⊞Science communicator, author, and YouTuber Hank Green announced in a video that he's been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer.◄


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  2. C410C123G5G5TA7200
  3. 1944-14G
  4. 1812Y0160393KXT
  5. 2225Y5000223KFT

1808Y0500182JXR♠Shell was conducting its own air quality monitoring, but the city has yet to receive an update, said Kaitlyn Bluejacket, a spokesperson for Deer Park. She said they have been advised by Shell that there is no need at the time to shelter in place, but that the city would update residents if that changed.►F980G227MSA❖"The hearing brain is vast," Kraus, the neurobiologist, says. "Our experience with sound really does shape us."▣

▲The first iconic image of a black hole looked like a fuzzy, orange donut, but now that picture has been sharpened up to a fiery ring, thanks to computer simulations and machine learning.↳


✌The sides announced the deal in a joint statement Friday, roughly a month after they reached an agreement in principle on the sale for a record $6.05 billion.☢1206J0160121KCR▪In its new report, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimated that people in the U.S. paid $1 billion in deferred interest on medical credit cards and other medical financing in just three years, from 2018 to 2020.▒SMA5929A⇇In an email, a United spokesperson praised the pilots on the March 21 flight "for their quick work in addressing this issue and working to ensure the safety of everyone on board."↗VJ7175A120JFAAO34♖She said she called male colleagues before the vote, including two senators whose daughters work for her as Senate pages, and urged them not to back it.➣

★Some of the Paralympics TikToks explain how the equipment and adaptations work for different sports, like penalty kicks in blind football or the assisted boccia ball setup. Most are set to viral social media sounds or songs — and many show the athletes falling or crashing into each other.↶CWR09FB336KB✄For example, if you're a teenager excited to be learning the guitar, musical tones will get preferential treatment. If you're learning to play basketball, the bounce of the dribbling ball and your coach calling out plays will get your attention. There are certain sounds, like the sound of your own name, that your brain is unconsciously conditioned to respond to, even when you're asleep.➦


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