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⊙The COVID-19 pandemic certainly exacerbated problems, but short staffing was an issue even before then, Burger and Hopkins said.▽22201C474KAT1A➽But the important words there were, and are, the last three.♪IMC1812ER120J◙The governor's office said Ivey first asked Cooper to "send a memo to disavow this book and to immediately discontinue its use." Ivey's office did not say how Cooper responded but that the governor made the decision to replace Cooper and accepted her resignation. Cooper could not immediately be reached for comment.♚89368❏Vehicles tumbled into what looked like a frozen stream of sedans and SUVs. People nearby described a fearsome rumbling, followed by screams.↗

➶McConnell may well wish to wash his hands of this year's blood-letting over the debt limit and all it entails. But he knows it will not be that easy. He may know that better than anyone. He has been here before, and more than once.➯08053A5R0JAT2A◨Musk, who also leads Tesla and SpaceX, has faced criticism for neglecting his role at his other companies with Twitter consuming much of his attention.♧


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C1206C102J2GACAUTO◦Fox wants the account to be informative, too. He said he spends up to an hour monitoring comments on each video after posting it, both to respond to comments and answer peoples' questions about the videos and Paralympic sports in general.⇣C1812C100JHGACTU⇀Military analysts say they believe the original versions of the documents were slightly altered in some instances.⇢


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C941U102KVYDBAWL35⋄Chanelle Helm, the lead organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville, said Cosgrove's return to the police force showed the impunity often afforded to law enforcement.⇂C0603C0G1E8R2C030BG↪"We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America," Ryder said in a statement. "We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon."▨


⇓The electric car company accounts for most of Musk's wealth, but investors of his other companies have complained that running Twitter has become a major distraction. Tesla's stock lost 65% of its value in 2022.♥RL622-330K-RC✪State Rep. Sean Quinlan, a Democrat who chairs the House Tourism Committee, said changing traveler patterns are one reason behind Hawaii's push. He said golf rounds per visitor per day have declined 30% over the past decade while hiking has increased 50%. People are also seeking out once-obscure sites that they've seen someone post on social media. The state doesn't have the money to manage all these places, he said.⇠C0805X473M2RECAUTO◦DeSantis’s open antipathy toward “corporate media” is a key part of his brand. A DeSantis spokesman characterized the proposal as part of a push to enforce “media accountability.” The bill’s author told The Washington Post free speech concerns are overblown.♦2225J6300224KXR↰The IPC spokesperson said the Paralympics TikTok provides a valuable way to connect with younger audiences "about the power of Para sport as a tool for driving social inclusion."◁

◀"They design based on failure," says Brendan Byrne, a reporter covering space for NPR member station WMFE. "They push their hardware to the limit, to the point of blowing things up. And they learn what they can."◊C0805X390M4HACAUTO❤Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat, criticized the announcement. "DeSantis and extreme MAGA Republicans are bent on dumbing down America's education system and silencing Black voices," she said in a tweet.☝

▤"I will be interviewing Ron DeSantis and he has quite an announcement to make," Musk teased.➧

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