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▆I spend a great deal of time on college campuses, and I can't tell you how often students question whether America's role in the world has been for good or not. And, for those students who say no, they point first to the Iraq War and second to the 2008 financial crisis.  These two events have led many Americans to question the competency and credibility of their own government.۰


♧"I'll be working with my colleagues to hold the BIA accountable and find a legislative fix," Tester told NPR.➳2220J0160154GCT↦This is what I do when I'm forwarded information about nonstandard, alternative, or early cancer therapies: I hit delete. I know, even without reading, the evidence isn't there yet. Things that look fantastic almost always fail. Anything early-stage is not helpful for anyone who has cancer now.☁C0603C0G1E4R1C030BG▨He was scheduled to appear later in the day at a Twitter Spaces event and then on Fox News to publicize his entry into the GOP presidential primary.▍1812J2500152KFT➷"Now that we are seeing that it may become available over the counter, we want to make sure that insurers still pay for it because it is costly," Murray says. "This is a great step if FDA approves this and women can go to the drugstore and purchase it without having to have a doctor's appointment ... but it will only be available for some women if it is not covered by insurance."♢

☽Jane highlighted for us one pre-war CIA analytic paper, written in August of 2002, titled: "The Perfect Storm: Planning for Negative Consequences of Invading Iraq."◆0603Y1000182MER•The high school senior had signed to join Baylor University's Acrobatics and Tumbling team in the fall and was days away from competing in her last Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, Woodlands Elite Cheer Owner Lynne Shearer told FOX 7.❉

➞Much like the Parents Bill of Rights that GOP lawmakers passed in March, this bill is not expected to even be taken up in the Senate, but rather serves as another messaging bill for the GOP base ahead of the 2024 elections.▇

☠Cooper took issue with much of Barnett’s trial testimony, particularly his claim that he was forced into the Capitol by the mob. “You were an active participant,” the judge said, “not a bystander caught up in this.” He also rejected Barnett’s claims that he lost his phone when it fell off his car and that his stun device wasn’t working on Jan. 6.↻

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✿Just hours before the ceremony, Russia launched a wave of airstrikes against Ukraine's capital Kyiv, with Ukrainian authorities claiming to have shot down 23 of 25 missiles.▉CCR05CG361JSV【Vallow Daybell's religious beliefs about zombies and the end of the world have been mentioned several times, including her purported ability to perceive people as being "dark" — under the influence of evil.♪M39003/01-7190/HSD♂For years, Miller High Life has used the "Champagne of Beers" slogan. This week, that appropriation became impossible to swallow.↳CMSH2-20L TR13♂He said the law still allows medication treatment for early onset puberty and other rare circumstances with parental consent, and minors currently receiving gender-affirming care will still be able to receive treatment.▨

↮MARGARET BRENNAN. Living in Manhattan. So on the banking front, a week ago, you said this looked like a simple run on a bank. It's continued, though, to put pressure on other banks. Why should we assume that other banks are better at managing risk than Silicon Valley Bank was?▨AQ147A330FAJREあ"This bill clarifies and refines existing state law ... and reaffirms North Dakota as a pro-life state," Burgum said in a statement.⇒

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