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TPSE107K016A0100➳One document is labeled "Top Secret," and is titled "Status of the Conflict as of 1 March." It gives a detailed battlefield summary from Ukraine on that day.ぃTPSY476M016R0250◦As the Writers Guild of America strike continues into its third day, the jokes aren't on late night TV anymore — they're on the picket lines.⊙


➚The mission will be the second phase of NASA's Artemis program. Artemis I occurred last year, when NASA launched the uncrewed Orion on a test mission to space in November, sending the ship around the Moon and back on a 1.4-million-mile journey that lasted 25 and a half days. The goal of that mission was to test the new Artemis rocket and spacecraft ahead of a crewed flight.☃1210Y0500121KAT▧When it comes to sex, Wilton recommends asking questions and advocating for yourself at the doctor's office. "Things like diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's, the whole host of issues that we tend to see more commonly as people get older, often have either a sexual side effect based on the illness itself, or many of the medications may have some kind of side effect," she says.3EZ20D5E3/TR12⊙In fact, our planet's tilt is making this circle over the course of 26,000 years, which is why the North Star, or Polaris, won't be our North Star forever. In 12,000 years, it will be another star, Vega.▣CL10B473KB8NNND▪Brittney Griner, the basketball star who was detained in Russia for nearly 10 months last year, said America must do "everything in our power" to bring home a Wall Street Journal reporter who Moscow is accusing of espionage.▐

⇙The island is positioned between peninsular India and Sri Lanka, connected to the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu via a rail and road bridge that stretches over a mile and a half across the waters of the vast Indian Ocean. Eucalyptus, coconut and palm trees abound, and wooden fishing boats bob on turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.➭VJ9097Y153MFAAI34☾He said a number of elderly people had escaped the building with only the pajamas they were wearing.➛


⚘Charles Goemaere, the managing director of the Comité Champagne, said the destruction of the beers "confirms the importance that the European Union attaches to designations of origin and rewards the determination of the Champagne producers to protect their designation."♬AUXCLFZ24NSTRL↕Olympic gold medalist Sunisa "Suni" Lee announced that she is temporarily stepping away from gymnastics over a health problem unrelated to the sport.①12061A241FAT2A☂This "will severely deplete the government's newly acquired arsenal of disease data surveillance," she wrote in another email with her colleague Lauren Gardner.☆2211YA250102KXRSP◣The designation requires broadcasters to alter their programming in a number of ways, including by withholding comedies and other light entertainment. Music broadcasters are urged to air music in a minor key, according to Serbia's media regulator, REM.☢

↼Contrary to what several officials have stated, Ortiz believes the dramatic spike experienced over the last five or six days, driven by people rushing to get to the U.S. before Title 42 was lifted, is likely to be the peak.♀1812Y6K00121FCR⇡So, what now?♗


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AT-32063-BLKG➩Bioré and its parent company, Kao, did not respond to requests for comment.☂T495B226K016ZTE700♥The GOP bill would target the $80 billion aimed at improving the Internal Revenue Service — which Democrats approved last year as part of the IRA aimed at easing up on the agency's backlog. House Republicans voted to undo the legislation, even though it would not have passed in the Senate. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated the allocated $80 billion over 10 years for the IRS would increase revenues, and that repealing the measure would actually contribute to the deficit.➦

☾He may instead choose to build a "blue-red" alliance with the SDP and its allies, teaming up with the party whose economic policies he attacked throughout the campaign.◇


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