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◤A new bill now before the legislature would provide the Oregon Justice Department $6 million to help work through the backlog of old cases, including money for victims services.◆

ˍSometimes MCI is just a facet of aging, along with joint pain and graying hair. But it's often the early presentation of diseases such as Alzheimer's or Lewy body dementia. Though they aren't as vulnerable as those with dementia, people with MCI are at heightened financial risk compared to the general population.➲


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C0402C180M8HAC7867∷The attack on Uman is the deadliest strike on a Ukrainian apartment building since 40 people were killed in Dnipro in January.◦54060683400➳MARGARET BRENNAN:◦


↯Harold Thompson, age 22, is facing murder charges in connection with the death of 26-year-old Gabriella Gonzalez.↶1206J5000300KQT⇔NPR spoke to Dr. Mohamed Eisa after his 11-hour journey. He shared his perspective of what life has been like — and of his friend, Dr. Bushra Sulieman, who like Eisa was a gastroenterologist.C0805C221M5RACTU△"We have been very deliberate and intentional about taking our time to set my charity up properly," Hamlin said in a statement. "I'm excited to begin sharing news about programs we are creating to impact a generation of youth and give back to others."☺CDR02BP221BKYSAR☋Heavy clashes have been reported across Sudan for the fourth day running as a power struggle between the country's two top military commanders has descended into deadly violence. Sudan's Ministry of Health announced today that 270 people have been killed and more than 2,600 wounded. In a sign of the deteriorating security situation in the capital, a U.S. diplomatic convoy came under attack on Monday, a day after the European Union's ambassador was assaulted in his residence.▇

□Fry said that the FDA's final guidance is based on data that shows the best protection against diseases, like HIV, is through strong testing of all blood donation — and a uniform screening process for each donor.♟VJ1206A470GXBMC❤The derailment happened late Wednesday outside of New Castle, the company said in a statement.▧

♬"The bottom line is we are seeing these surges of migration now for going on 20 years under presidents of both political parties," Nuñez-Neto said. "And so, at the end of the day, we are clear-eyed that there is no lasting solution here that does not involve the U.S. Congress stepping up."₪


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