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™The IRS, which will receive nearly $80 billion in funding through the Inflation Reduction Act, says it plans to use some of the money to understand "any potential systemic bias" within its compliance strategies and treatments, according to the letter.☭


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TPSW476K010K0150↓SEOUL — Japanese authorities evacuated Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to safety after an explosion was heard at a port where he was due to give a stump speech.▢MR052A560FAA✏With migrants risking their lives in smugglers' unseaworthy boats in hopes of reaching Europe, the pope lamented that Tunisia's people, particularly the young, struggle with social and economic hardship.♨


⊙As the Writers Guild of America strike continues into its third day, the jokes aren't on late night TV anymore — they're on the picket lines.◑HKQ040224NJ-T▤Police did not identify the victim but MobileCoin confirmed Lee's death in response to an email from The Associated Press on Wednesday.❂1825Y2K50331KCR☃Hummel says it was the hardest challenge she's ever faced in her 24 years of experience –– even worse than COVID. As the cyberattack unfolded, her nursing team was praying "Please don't let the fetal monitors go down." And then they did.✒C315C242K1G5TA7301❥According to NASA, another solar eclipse will be visible from the U.S. on Oct. 14, 2023. It will be what's called an annular solar eclipse, when the moon is deep in its orbit and appears (from the perspective of those of us on Earth) too small to fully cover up the sun, instead creating a "ring of fire" effect.⇒

→In an interview last year with the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Springer apologized for the impact of the show, saying, " What have I done? I've ruined the culture...I just hope hell isn't that hot, because I burn real easy."▐0805J2500331JDT✑Between the two cases, Manfredonia pleaded guilty to five counts of murder, assault, kidnapping and home invasion. Both of his sentences will run concurrently, and he agreed not to seek early release as part of his plea bargains, The Associated Press reports.○


►Tuberville, who has been a strong supporter of Trump and voted to challenge the 2020 presidential election results, continues to attack Austin's efforts to rid the military of extremists.▰C1206X104M8JACAUTO☪"There are still many investigations to be carried out," lawyer Comte said.▣CC1206KRNPO9BN220✚“No, we can’t have that,” Cazares recounted thinking while campaigning as a write-in candidate.☃SQCB9M161JAJME✍It said permitting any person to change their gender in accordance with his or her inner feeling or self-perceived identity will create "serious religious, legal and social problems."✂

⇒Much like the Parents Bill of Rights that GOP lawmakers passed in March, this bill is not expected to even be taken up in the Senate, but rather serves as another messaging bill for the GOP base ahead of the 2024 elections.▎PG0220.451NL♦That finding is from an analysis conducted by the Urban Institute for KFF Health News and NPR as part of an investigation into medical debt published last year. The investigation found among other things that 100 million people in the U.S. have some kind of health care debt, a burden that can be devastating for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.❤


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1210Y0500273MET☆“It’s never too late to return your library book,” Kreiden said.◢CBR06C908AAGAC▪Chris Mackensen, the Chief of Police in Jefferson Ohio, said on March 1 in a statement that the local dispatch center received a call "from a male identifying himself as Michael Clark stating that there is a student in the high school with a gun. The call further stated that the student had shot two students in Math Room 35." Mackensen also wrote that "the caller's information did not match the school layout."❒

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