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▩Jairam Ramesh, the Congress general secretary, attributed the party's win to having fought the election campaign on local issues of "livelihood and food security, price rise, farmer distress, electricity supply, joblessness, and corruption."⚘

▩The Press Club of India said the raid was a "clear cut case of vendetta."♐


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HF1008-821G•And we also worked to develop a security apparatus, an intelligence service that would collect information on the terrorists, on Iranians, on efforts to destabilize any further, destabilize Iraq. And, you know, we realized that the Iraqis are much better at interacting with the Iraqis than the U.S. would be. So we helped to create a security apparatus to help the government stabilize.☈2225Y0160391GCRThat language has long angered religious groups of all kinds. And now they are pressing the conservative Supreme Court supermajority to overrule or modify its prior ruling.✿

☽As hot as the Earth's weather has been in recent years, it's about to get hotter: El Niño is on the way, with warmer sea temperatures promising new weather extremes, U.S. and international forecasters say.◦


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1812J0250560KCR⇁The question is, again, where is the evidence? Cancer drugs are special. State laws require insurance companies to pay for cancer drugs any time independent cancer guidelines say the drugs should be used. Even if the drug is not FDA-indicated for the cancer, so long as the evidence shows the drug works, insurance companies must pay. Leading oncologists update cancer guidelines whenever the evidence gets good enough.♀TPSB335K020R1300☈“We got a two-for-one deal and served him the two complaints,” Moskowitz said.❧


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