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CBR04C629B5GAC⇒An officer from the Allen Police Department heard gunshots at Allen Premium Outlets at 3:36 p.m. while out on an unrelated call. He then located and "neutralized" the shooter, said Brian Harvey, the police chief for the Allen Police Department, during a Saturday night press conference. The shooter is believed to have acted alone, he said.♂CDR31BP2R7BBMP\M▨Though bee stings are common, images of throngs of honeybees attacking people on a busy, residential street are less so.❈


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1N4741PE3/TR12◘"In fact, I didn't want to come out," she said.⇇TAZF107K004LRSZ0H00♪One temporary shelter in Houston, run by the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, said that only about 15% of the 3,000 migrants it has served since October chose to remain in Houston. The rest took flights to cities like Chicago and New York.➫


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PM0603H-10NJ♘Harrison is a cardiac hospital nurse during the day, a job that sometimes feels a little too stuck to a clock.☝GA0805A1R5DBABR31G◆More than 2,200 people have been invited to the ceremony inside Westminster Abbey. (That's down from more than 8,000 people invited to Elizabeth's 1953 coronation.) The guest list includes representatives from more than 200 countries — including first lady Jill Biden, but not her husband — and as many as 100 heads of state.◙


←There is also agreement that a copycat mentality is part of the problem. Attackers are often inspired by previous school massacres, including the April 1999 shooting at Colorado's Columbine High School, where two students killed 12 classmates and a teacher before dying by suicide. They idolize those who committed similar acts before them and make it clear in posts online, says Vinha, who monitored activity on social media and in online groups for her research. In those online groups they are encouraged to kill as many people as possible and to surpass the number of dead in previous attacks. They wear the same clothes as attackers before them, often with symbols that represent American white supremacy groups.↖1812J3K00150GCT❧Many Pakistanis have entrenched beliefs on gender and sexuality and transgender people are often considered outcasts. Some are forced into begging, dancing and even prostitution to earn money. They also live in fear of attacks.♈0505Y0631P10DQT○The strike authorization is seen by both sides as a negotiating tactic.⊕1206J2000222MXT"This is not only a funding problem but also an accountability problem; we need to do more to address it," he said in a statement to NPR. "No person should be subjected to these conditions, incarcerated or not."⊙

▦Jordan has previously sent Bragg a letter asking for documents and testimony related to his investigation of Trump.♝C325C473F3G5TA7301▣"I'm embarrassed that we are in this position. This was not well-conceived," Magill said.☠

ⓞThe Kremlin's press service said on Wednesday Russian air defenses shot down two drones attempting to strike Putin's residence inside the Kremlin walls.☂


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