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AON7934♢Some Republicans have argued, without evidence, that money given to elections offices has improperly influenced electoral outcomes. In Georgia and around the country in 2020, Democratic- and Republican-leaning counties alike received millions in nonprofit grants to help administer elections during the pandemic, with more of the money going to counties that had more voters. Many conservatives complained that much of the money came from the founder of Facebook and his wife in the form of donations to the nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life, and helped facilitate mail voting. Soon after that election, GOP-led states began banning outside funding.↕VJ0805D3R9DXBAP⇠Just before Charles sets off in the Gold State Coach for a procession on the streets of London, the leaders and representatives of faith communities will deliver a greeting in unison. The greeting won't be amplified out of respect for those who are observing the Jewish sabbath and are barred from using electrical devices, Lambeth Palace said.


➴"Today's decision is a win for Americans who rely on competition between airlines to travel affordably," Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.↙TFZVTR8.2B☛The treaty also establishes ground rules for conducting environmental impact assessments for commercial activities in the oceans.⇧T491A224K035AT4280☆Authorities have named the four people who were killed in a shooting at a birthday party on Saturday in Dadeville, Ala., though many details of the incident at a dance studio remain opaque.♠HMK212C7474MGHTE↟"Unfortunately, [the] United States finds itself in that minority of countries, of that group of 55 countries that continue to retain the death penalty," Gurulé said. "... And again, sadly, that group of countries ... they're some of the most significant human rights violators in the world, such as Syria, China, North Korea, and here, the United States."▅

⋄Those would include a condemnation of former Gov. Peter Hardeman Burnett, the state's first elected governor and a white supremacist who encouraged laws to exclude Black people from California.♦5724➯"With no regard for the impact of their words, they continue to speak lies about how House Republicans are cutting veterans benefits, and it's false," Bost said recently.】

♀Over the years, Ziff has worked on legislation to stop sexual harassment and abuse in the fashion industry. Her organization has also launched an industry-specific support line for people who've experienced sexual harassment and assault.☚


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SCRH62-2R9⊙Harding also made regular payments to woman named Nan Britton, with whom he had a child.❉CL55B475KCJNNNE卍For Josie Caballero, the lack of an opportunity to identify as a trans woman on the 2020 census was disappointing.↦

✪Mass shootings across the U.S. went down in the decade that followed, in comparison to the decade before (1984-94) and the one after (2004-14), according to one researcher's analysis.➝


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