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☟Last month, supporters of the movement pulled down the Indian flag at the country's high commission in London and smashed the building's windows in a show of anger against the move to arrest Singh. India's Foreign Ministry denounced the incident and summoned the U.K.'s deputy high commissioner in New Delhi to protest what it called the breach of security at the embassy in London. The supporters of the Khalistan movement also vandalized the Indian Consulate in San Francisco in the United States.↔

▒"Italy said the returned works were worth more than $20 million overall.◑


➧It's worn only a short time by British monarchs at their coronations. It'll be in use for about an hour on Saturday and then be put back into storage at the Tower of London.▬W2L16C224MAT1A▪Tallapoosa County District Attorney Mike Segrest said two teens — Tyreese "Ty Reik" McCullough, 17, and Travis McCullough, 16, both of Tuskegee — would be tried as adults. That's automatically required in Alabama for anyone 16 or older charged with murder. Investigators said Wednesday that Wilson LaMar Hill Jr., 20, of Auburn also was arrested on the same charge.⇠1812J1K00272MDT☪"Email and text scams are relentless, and scammers frequently use tax season as a way of tricking people," IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said in a news release last month.▃VJ0805Y682KXBCW1BC↔His resignation saves Sunak from possibly having to fire him.«

▯The second stabbing occurred Saturday around 9:15 p.m. when a resident heard a disturbance and went outside to find a young man at Sycamore Park with multiple stab wounds. Authorities identified the victim as Karim Abou Najm, 20, a student at the university and a graduate of Davis High School.▩CDSW21-GˍA Sudanese university student who made it across the border into Egypt on Wednesday told CBS News the situation when she left Khartoum was "terrible."⊕


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SR211A471JAAAP2ぃWant more on oceans? Listen to the Consider This episode on why melting ice in Antarctica is a big problem for coastal Texas.▲511R-30H◈"Some farmers are flooding their fields◙


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1808AA560JAT1A♡The way I stay optimistic is waking up early to watch the sunrise and meditate on where I find light in the darkness. There are great things of beauty and peace in this world. -Michelle Middleton, Reno, Nev.♧2220J2500123FFT▀Barnett left Pelosi’s offices when U.S. Capitol Police arrived, but he soon realized he had forgotten his flagpole. He tried to go back for it but wound up in a faceoff with D.C. police officer Terrence Craig, who testified that Barnett flashed his stun device at him and then motioned for additional rioters to overwhelm the police line.☂

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