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➳It was a stark example of how threats to democracy are, and have always been, rooted and wrapped up in race and racism, says Khalil Gibran Muhammad, professor of race, history, and public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School.♀

┱"Families waited years for news of their missing loved ones, before learning of the tragic outcome of the sinking," said Silentworld director John Mullen. "Some never fully came to accept that their loved ones were among the victims. Today, by finding the vessel, we hope to bring closure to the many families devastated by this terrible disaster."➤

▋British American Tobacco, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department, while the company's Singapore subsidiary pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit bank fraud and violate sanctions.↭


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2225J1K00150GCT⇩Despite MIT's denial, Turkish media published the recording of a conversation between a man believed to be Guney and two Turkish spies as well as a document resembling a "mission order."☁VJ1206A822JXJRW1BC♠It's scary stuff to contemplate. But at least we know we've been here before. And McConnell remembers.◈


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C0402C189D3HAC7867The 139-page lawsuit obtained by NPR describes the fatal beating as a "foreseeable product of the unconstitutional policies, practices, customs and deliberate indifference of the City of Memphis" and its police chief, Cerelyn "C.J." Davis.✈CKR06BX394KS▣China wasn't mentioned during their brief public remarks in the Oval Office, although the meeting comes as both countries have become increasingly vocal about concerns that Beijing may step off the sidelines and supply weapons to Russia. Such a step could dramatically change the war's trajectory by allowing Moscow to replenish its depleted stockpiles.➤


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