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▷At least one member of the South African choir had been to the Virginia choir's August 1890 performance in Kimberley: Josiah Semouse, a writer and post office clerk. His review encapsulates the kind of impact the group had on Black South Africans.☈GRM2165C1H221JA01D⇌Small groups set out around 5 a.m., sharing a motorboat.⊙1206J0100124MXR▨The designation requires broadcasters to alter their programming in a number of ways, including by withholding comedies and other light entertainment. Music broadcasters are urged to air music in a minor key, according to Serbia's media regulator, REM.➹VJ1206A2R2CXEAC☞Saturday's communique from the Vatican made no mention of that, and there were no immediate details from Zelenskyy's side about his meeting with the pontiff.✿

▒The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale of Narcan over the counter, without need for a prescription. A remaining hurdle limiting distribution is cost.♐VJ1812A152GXEAT■"London — A British woman whose U.K. citizenship was revoked after she traveled to Syria to join ISIS has lost an appeal in her fight to restore her citizenship. Shamima Begum, now 23, was just 15 when she and two other girls from London joined the extremist group in February 2015. Authorities withdrew her British citizenship on national security grounds soon after she surfaced in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019.↫


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SMBJ5931A/TR13╬Scientists warn that the hippos' feces change the composition of rivers and could impact the habitat of manatees and capybaras.♂GA1812A472JXCAT31G⊙She said she entered a dressing room with Trump before the flirting turned violent, with Trump slamming her against a wall, pulling down her tights and raping her. She said she kneed him after an encounter that lasted several minutes and fled the store.◩


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2727-06G█The U.S. and Germany have worked closely together to supply Ukraine with military and humanitarian assistance. But there has also been friction over issues such as providing tanks, and Washington has occasionally grown frustrated with Berlin's hesitance.₪1825J1K50122KXT▮Darina said she misses her dad, grandmother, best friend and bear — a huge stuffed animal left behind back home in Ukraine.☺


➸Faced with criminal charges for the first time for any former president, Donald Trump ripped from a well-worn page in his playbook Tuesday night — lashing out with a, at times, bigoted speech full of lies and conspiracies.º0603Y1504P00CQT❁In a series of emails sent to this reporter, Musk said he would transfer the network's main account on Twitter, under the @NPR handle, to another organization or person. The idea shocked even longtime observers of Musk's spur-of-the-moment and erratic leadership style.▐GRJ219R72A471KE01J♠Key, who regularly appears to her son, may have a point. Mourning is inextricable from confusion; we blame the dead, we blame ourselves, we blame the world for being what it is, a place where endings are the only constant. White's book, which switches perspective between Colly and Key and goes back and forth in time, is a gorgeous novel about loss, survival and community.▬1808J0160270MDT✪More than 20 women employed in various capacities were part of the regional UN office where Mohammad works. NPR reached out to several Afghan women employees of the U.N. who confirmed that they had been benched but said they did not want to elaborate on the extent of ban and how it impacted their work.↡

✯The parents, siblings and friends of those killed relive their agonizing stories over and over again in interviews, in therapy and in legislative hearings where they push for gun control. Sometimes they read prepared remarks from their phone’s Notes app or paper. Some can deliver gut punches on the spot through breathless gulps and hot tears.▨1210Y6300220KAT↯"Payton opens the door, and she starts throwing up blood," Roth said.▕


◘NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have announced the names of the four astronauts who will travel on a spaceflight around the Moon next year.▱3094R-152FS☼Price went on to become a psychiatrist. A primary part of his job is being kind to his patients, listening to them and being attentive to their needs. Price attributes his understanding of the importance of kindness to that moment when he was 15 years old.↨GA0805A270FXBBC31G【"There's a 62% chance that El Niño will develop during the May–July period, and more than 80% chance of El Niño by the fall," according to NOAA's Emily Becker.✦CKC21C822KWGAC7800◎Pogue asked, "Hasn't somebody in your immediate circle said, 'Guys, banning TikTok will be a political disaster'?"◦

▧Residents with a Hawaii driver's license or other state identification would be exempt.◫SLF7045T-220MR90-PF☠King Charles and Queen Camilla met with Reynolds and McElhenney on the stadium's soccer pitch late last year. And soccer luminaries including former England player turned BBC broadcaster Gary Lineker tweeted their congratulations while Reynolds and McElhenney hugged players on the pitch after Saturday's victory had sealed the team's advancement.▂

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