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R6024KNJTL♠The Biden administration stopped the practice, known as metering, last year because it incentivizes more people to cross illegally between international bridges. U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not immediately respond to TPR's questions about whether the policy has returned or is being implemented elsewhere along the border.⇛0805Y0630473KDR☪He has said he would like to go to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, if such a visit could be coupled with one to Moscow, in hopes a papal pilgrimage could further the cause of peace.◧

➹"I turned myself in [on Tuesday] at 11 a.m.," Leal said, "and by 8 p.m. I had my documents and I was released."➴


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0603J0630392KDT♨ORLANDO, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers ratcheted up pressure on Walt Disney World on Monday by announcing legislation that will use the regulatory powers of Florida government to exert unprecedented oversight on the park resort's rides and monorail.⇠1210Y0160222JXRºAnd finally, in nature — how everything's about collaboration. So when I see the patterns of nature and the way that nature treats me since I was a kid, it's all about optimism. The negativity comes from humanity and the way that we behave to create scarcity — how we're afraid of and draw boundaries between one another.◧


▢The Food and Drug Administration added amoxicillin products to its list of drug shortages in October of last year and some still aren't available.☠0603B473K250CT➭Federal law prohibits the federal government from releasing personally identifiable census records until 72 years after a head count's Census Day, and it is illegal for the government to use census data against a person.♥VJ0603D2R2CXBAJ☪That group of mostly Americans — along with some Germans, Norwegians and local staff — were driven on seven buses contracted by the U.S. and monitored by armed drones on the journey, a Pentagon official told NPR. The U.S. government contracted 16 buses total.▥1825J1K00223MXT⇅The EPA last year formed its own Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, merging three existing EPA programs to oversee a portion of Democrats' $60 billion investment in environmental justice initiatives created by last year's Inflation Reduction Act.❒

»The necropolis was then covered over and again lost to time.☏1210Y1K00152JDT↴North Dakota on Monday adopted one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country as Republican Gov. Doug Burgum signed legislation banning the procedure throughout pregnancy, with slim exceptions up to six weeks' gestation.☢


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30HV11N101KN〓His statement came in response to the release of an audio recording by the McCurtain Gazette-News, a local newspaper that said it recorded the comments at a public meeting.⇌1210Y1000181FCR↝Outside the venue, a few dozen people staged protests against Tsai's visit and counter-protests in support of her, while a propeller plane flew circles above the estate, trailing a banner that said: "One China; Taiwan is a part of China."▭


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