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▧GREEN: Most of my analysts were very experienced Iraq hands. They had studied all aspects of Iraq for years. Every one of them assessed that he would never we give WMD to terrorists or anyone else. Saddam was ruthless and cautious with a touch of paranoia. He did not believe in long term alliances. He assumed that any one of that weapons that anyone who received weapons from him would one day use them against Iraq.✍


❈Several of Florida's Democratic mayors were quick to say Sunday that their cities welcomed diversity and inclusion.♗06035C104J4T2A☻Then he launched into the song that heirs of Ed Townsend, Gaye's co-writer on "Let's Get It On," say has "striking similarities" and "over common elements" to the famed 1973 Gaye musical treasure.ºVJ0603D100JXXAP√The clinic's closure created an abortion care desert for four years before another provider took over the practice.⇩CWR19MH106KCHB♙And she expressed concern that a person or group "could fail to get in Congress what they want with respect to changing the statutory standard, and then just come to the court and say, 'You give it to us.' "↩

☞Police later said that Patterson had an appointment in the building that day.♢1206Y5000220GCT✐NEW YORK — A writer suing Donald Trump took the stand Wednesday to tell jurors that the future president raped her after she accompanied him into a department store fitting room in 1996.▍

↦Till's mother, Mamie Till Mobley, insisted on an open-casket funeral in their hometown of Chicago so the world could see her 14-year-old son's mutilated body, which was pulled from a river in Mississippi. Jet magazine published photos.


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LQP03TN3N1B02D▒NPR and member station reporters spent Friday observing the start of that change from the U.S.-Mexico border, across the country and inside the halls of power. Here's some of what they saw:☁1206Y1000471MCTE03↜The calls will happen within minutes of each other to schools across an entire state, almost like the caller has an alphabetical list to work from. The caller is often using a free or low-cost third-party calling app, or Voice over IP text and voice service like TextNow.☆

✂HARDY was also a nominee as a songwriter for Morgan Wallen's Sand in my Boots. The country superstar didn't perform as planned due to a vocal cord injury that's halted his tour and was not in attendance when he won best male artist. Brooks took off his hat to honor Wallen, saying missing out on the show "must be killing him."♬

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