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0505Y3000240FQT♝"I found myself wishing so much to be a part of that group," Price remembered.⇢2220Y2500563MXR⇋Any time Trump has had his back against the wall, he's resorted to a familiar script:⊙

⇈After a promotion to lieutenant colonel, Gregg was put in charge of the 96th Supply and Services Battalion at Fort Riley, Kan., which had been alerted for deployment to Vietnam.♡


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1808J1K20221KCR➶"The vast majority of these incidents in the last 5 years have been found to be within policy. For shootings that were out of policy, we have terminated some officers," Gallegos said. He didn't provide a number for terminated officers.◈2220Y1K00121GFR⊙There have been 199 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The group defines a mass shooting as any event in which at least four people are shot.↹


"At that time, we had no idea there was a shooting. But then the television was on and there was breaking news on the television. And they mentioned that there was an active shooter and they gave the address and the address was the building that we were in," Johnson said outside the building.☣T110A225M020AT♦"Distracted while cooking is the leading cause of house fires. Stay off the stove if you're drunk or high," the campaign warns.☋BZD17C51P RTG✏As president, Trump reinstated executions of federal inmates sentenced to the death penalty in 2019. Before leaving the Oval Office in 2021, Trump oversaw 13 executions, more than any other president in at least 100 years, according to Federal Bureau of Prisons records.↓CC0603JRNPO7BN101◇The party divide is more evenly split among all registered U.S. voters, with 47% identifying as Democrats and 48% as Republicans.➜

➱Twitter has also repeatedly said it will remake its landscape of verified and trusted accounts, as part of its push to get users to pay to have blue checkmarks on the platform. Experts have warned the initiative would give new status to misinformation peddlers — and concerns deepened earlier this month, when Twitter revoked the verified check mark on The New York Times' account.♧GA0603Y123MEAAI34G➟Congressional investigators said in a report Friday that an increase in flight cancellations as travel recovered from the pandemic was due mostly to factors that airlines controlled, including cancellations for maintenance issues or lack of a crew.◧


▉Two officers the Department of Public Safety decided to dismiss are still employed in law enforcement, and others found ways to soften the blow from being fired or resigning after the massacre.■1812J0250333FCR↓A resident who spoke toward the end of the May 16 meeting alleged that students were being sexualized and exposed to "anti-God ideologies," blaming a curriculum that she said was dictated by "Marxist corporations and people like Bill and Melinda Gates, and George Soros."☭C1206X155K5RECAUTO7210⇧Trump was seen entering a Manhattan courtroom for his arraignment at 2:28 p.m. ET, and left the courtroom at 3:25. Trump was not handcuffed when he entered the room, and did not speak when he exited. Trump was seen in photos seated at the defendant's table in the courtroom, in between his lawyers Joe Tacopina and Susan Necheles. New York police officers stood behind the table.☽SIDC42D120F6﹌The exact cause for the rapper's removal from the arena is still unclear, and the Kings say they are investigating why he was ejected.⇂

▫The German government has acknowledged that, in the short term, the country will have to rely more heavily on polluting coal and natural gas to meet its energy needs, even as it takes steps to massively ramp up electricity production from solar and wind. Germany aims to be carbon neutral by 2045.◦0805J0100183KXT○My predecessor, Rosemary Kayess from Australia, started this. Her predecessor, Danlami Basharu from Nigeria, worked on it as well. And I will continue that work.♠


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