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☃When Maryland prosecutors asked to release the findings of their recent investigation, they summarized some of the report's contents, which paint a damning picture. Sexual abuse was so pervasive, the filing said, that some parishes, congregations and schools had more than one abusive priest at the same time — including one congregation where 11 abusive priests practiced over 40 years. In some cases, victims ended up reporting abuse to priests who were abusive themselves, prosecutors wrote.✄1206Y0250123FFT▒The album's tracklisting included the Mark Knopfler-penned title track, as well as covers of tunes by David Bowie ("1984"), the Beatles ("Help!"), and Ann Peebles ("I Can't Stand the Rain"). Private Dancer also featured her first and only solo No. 1 hit, the vulnerable and luxurious "What's Love Got to Do With It." The single, which also won Grammy Awards for record of the year and best female pop vocal performance, boasted a cathartic, lived-in vocal performance that ushered in her sophisticated second act and cemented her reputation as a survivor, a tag and aesthetic she embraced.◎IRF510STRLPBF☼The runner's persistence was also noted by Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni, who said he was proud of her for reminding everyone that sports are about more than winning and losing.◧04025A910GAT2A◇Len Goodman, the beloved ballroom champion and longtime judge on Dancing with the Stars and its British counterpart Strictly Come Dancing, has died of bone cancer at age 78.▰

☪"Wolverine, seal, small nanuq, we don't know, because it's like a really big bite," she said.⊿MRF8S9220HR3♀Burger was more direct.Θ

→Other words or responses trigger additional interventions. If someone includes a word like "bleeding" in their message, for example, the system will either instruct them to visit their nearest clinic as soon as possible or facilitate putting them in touch with a health-care facility. Same thing for that comment from the person who wrote that she was 39 weeks pregnant and noticed a pink discharge. The system responded: "It sounds like this might be serious. In an emergency, please go to your health provider immediately, or call one of the below Emergency Numbers."▨


↝"It could have fared better if released from its enclosure," Ibrahim said.↤0805J0632P10HQT♨"One of the factors courts look at is whether the work is for commercial use or some other non-commercial use like education?" Soler said. "In this case, it was a series of works that were for a commercial purpose according to the Supreme Court, and so there was no fair use."☀TIG058E8-TL-H♨In playing those roles, the Agency's performance was mixed.  As many people know, some of our work reflected the worst the Agency had to offer. Few people know, however, that some of our work also reflected the best the Agency had to offer. If there is a theme to this episode, that is it.☻C0805C333F3JACAUTOあAttorney Eric Bland, who is representing the family, said in a Sunday statement that this weekend was a "bittersweet" and "trying time." With the second autopsy completed and the investigation unfolding, Bland said Stephen can "really rest at ease."♨

➧A test launch scheduled for Monday was scrapped at the last minute due to a frozen valve in the booster. On Thursday, with 40 seconds left on the countdown clock, the flight crew paused all operations, also due in part to a pressurization issue in the booster.▧1808Y1K00102FFT㊣It had been checked out in 1927, around the time his wife’s grandfather, John McCormick, might have wanted the book to start teaching his two young daughters about American history, Perry said. Shortly after inspecting the book, he drove to St. Helena to drop it off.⇥

⏎Once it's out, wash the bite with an antibiotic soap or rubbing alcohol. After that, note the date of bite and monitor the bite site for signs of a rash or other symptoms.♀


♚London — Prince Harry's confirmed plan to attend the coronation of his father, King Charles III, on May 6, without his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has fueled questions about his relationship with his family after years of public acrimony. Harry is expected to land in the U.K. on Friday and be in town for less than 48 hours.➤1111J3000391KQT✎When those activities came to light in the 1970s and thereafter, presidents including Harry Truman (1945-1953), Dwight Eisenhower (1953-61), Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969) and Nixon would all be tarred, in varying degrees, by this same brush. But alleged crimes for which they might have been held responsible by many overseas (and some at home) did not produce any movement toward prosecution in the U.S.◇2SA1763-TL-E▣Rometty preferred dresses with a "touch of flair" in her twenties, and was basically being told that she should give them up for what she called "monochromatic skirts, blazers ... cookie-cutter conservative."↻3500-08K▇"I have no idea why he ended up in Wales. Maybe the ice shifted while he was hunting," Iworrigan said. "I'm pretty sure he ate leftovers of seal or caught a seal. Probably birds, too. He eats our Native foods. He's smart."▀

↔"By golly, I'm biting my tongue," he went on. Referring to the reappointment of Rep. Jones to the legislature, "I'm going to have to swallow this to see Mr. Jones back up here, walking these hallowed halls that the greats of Tennessee stood in, and watch them disrespect this state."◙0603J0630121JFT▧"Gov. Inslee could have used his state's resources to support pregnant mothers through childbirth and beyond," Erik Baptist, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, said in a statement.

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