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★Despite the world record, Dituri's personal goal is to stay underwater until Day 100 — June 9 — as part of a research project to how the human body responds to living under extreme pressure.➘BZX84-C6V2/DG/B4R▓Malindi sub-county police chief John Kemboi said that more shallow graves have yet to be dug up on the land belonging to pastor Paul Makenzi, who was arrested on April 14 over links to cultism.큐SIZ700DT-T1-GE3▁Though GM relies heavily on sales from gas- and diesel-powered trucks and SUVs, the company announced two years ago that it was setting a goal of producing only electric vehicles by the year 2035.➫1N966B⇋One incident just over a week ago, which also occurred in Texas, saw a man allegedly open fire in his neighbors' home and kill five people after he was asked to stop shooting a gun in his front yard because it was frightening a baby who lived next door.▧

¤The victory signaled the growing and seemingly unstoppable popularity of the genre. For Daddy Yankee, that meant a steady stream of hit records and collaborations with other reggaeton superstars through 2017. That year he smashed even more records, singing alongside Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber on the inescapable "Despacito." That song eventually tied for the longest-running No. 1 in Billboard's Hot 100 history.❄GA1812A331KBEAT31G↽Strutting out came rapper Snoop Dogg, sitting next to Nelson as they launched into their stoner anthem, "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die." Perhaps fittingly, each seemed to forget the words at times. The two friends looked too happy to care.☈


⇕10. ""Déjà Vu"" — Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (1970)♢SIZF914DT-T1-GE3✪Kamper says the latest data (from 2021) shows that CEOs were paid 399 times more than a typical worker in their firm. Couple that with overall job growth in a post-pandemic economy, and workers are feeling more emboldened to stand up to leadership, Kamper says.▍SS39HM6G♨The race is technically nonpartisan, but party support is clear.➤BAV303-TR◎"That was the last parent that we had left after the pandemic took away our dad from us," he says. "We really weren't prepared for that as we were still dealing with losing my dad." Virginia had recovered from a severe case of COVID for which she'd been hospitalized, and Lerma's family wonders if the strokes may have been a post-COVID complication.☪

♨NCAA statistics show that between August 2021 and July 2022, more than 20,900 Division I student athletes entered the transfer portal.➻JAN1N4100DUR-1❂Lee came to MobileCoin as an early stage investor and advisor, then became chief product officer and helped launch the Moby app, Goldbard said. Lee was the chief technology officer at digital payments company Square in 2013 when it launched a money transfer application now known as Cash App.↡


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ASPI-0403-6R8M-T➞The rebels quickly sealed off a school where the event was being held and barred people, including journalists, from approaching.☚2220Y0630103JCT♠In January, Myanmar's top leader told the military it needs to take decisive action against those opposed to army rule. Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing said at a military parade on Armed Forces Day that those who condemned his government showed indifference to violence committed by its opponents.☂


のIn years past Bausch was employed in a series of frontline clinical and research posts with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other key institutions. Today he is based in Geneva as senior adviser for Global Health Security at the non-profit FIND – one of the leading global organizations for developing diagnostic tests. This week he traveled for meetings in Washington, D.C., where NPR caught up with him. This conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.↖C1206C689J1GACTU☺WASHINGTON — A British tobacco company has agreed to pay more than $629 million to settle allegations that it did illegal business with North Korea in violation of U.S. sanctions, the Justice Department said Tuesday.⇥BS025016WC25038BH1↕The Texas Department of Agriculture is ordering its employees to comply with a new dress code, mandating they abide by it in a "manner consistent with their biological gender." An ACLU attorney says it violates federal law that bans employment discrimination based on one's sexual orientation or gender identity.⊙GBPC3510-G✄WASHINGTON — Eli Lilly and Co. said Wednesday its experimental Alzheimer's drug appeared to slow worsening of the mind-robbing disease in a large study.☊

The unions, representing some 9,000 staff and faculty workers, called for the strike on April 9 in what they said was a fight to secure equal pay, living wages, race and gender equity and salary hikes.★C1206X473F1GEC➸London — Prince Harry's confirmed plan to attend the coronation of his father, King Charles III, on May 6, without his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has fueled questions about his relationship with his family after years of public acrimony. Harry is expected to land in the U.K. on Friday and be in town for less than 48 hours.☾


ぃCanada's Department of National Defence (DND) said in a statement late Thursday that the balloon had been "detected" and that Canada was "taking steps to ensure the security of its airspace, including the monitoring of a potential second incident," but didn't elaborate on what that incident might be.♟JANTXV1N4566A-1☀"It's disappointing that this effort [by the state Senate] was taken," said Ronda Goldfein, who sits on the Safehouse board of directors.⊙C0603C562F5JAC7867↩"The defendant used money, power and sex to get what she wanted," Blake said in court, according to The Associated Press. "It didn't matter what it was."のGCM1885G1H102JA16J⇥In addition to Ukraine, some of the documents provide assessments of China and countries in the Middle East.☍

↳Don Mulligan was on the 17th floor of a nearby hotel when he heard a roar like a jet flying overhead and felt the high-rise sway.◄GL41A-E3/96●In fact, he adds, they have required "constant focus" on that work, which includes identifying alternative ingredient sources, reformulating products and modifying manufacturing practices.⏎


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