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➥Nebraska, however, had not passed new restrictions while continuing to prohibit abortion starting around 20 weeks of pregnancy. The 12-week ban includes exceptions for rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. Opponents unsuccessfully sought an exception for fatal fetal anomalies and to explicitly protect doctors from criminal charges for performing a contested abortion.◎2220Y0250121KCR◎Lee said in a tweet on Monday that she has been dealing with a "non-gymnastics health related issue" involving her kidneys.⊟JANTX1N965BUR-1❧The Alabama Department of Corrections refused an interview request to answer questions about conditions in the state's prisons.✂M39003/01-2538/TR♖Martin: Do you use the expression "trips"?☀

⇢No matter which way the appeals court rules — on the emergency stay, the preliminary injunction or the merits of the lawsuit altogether — the decision will almost surely be appealed to the Supreme Court.★C321C333J1G5TA☠The calls will happen within minutes of each other to schools across an entire state, almost like the caller has an alphabetical list to work from. The caller is often using a free or low-cost third-party calling app, or Voice over IP text and voice service like TextNow.♧


❣"We found this incredible opening in one of the [stems] that I've dubbed the Pando portal," he says.☟70F126AI⇕In the corner, still on that table by the window, there is a cluster of pots, with thick green leaves — the African violets that the children planted in the days before the invasion.░VJ0805D301MLAAR➺But Stallings rejected a plea deal that would have sent him to prison for years, and a jury found him not guilty after the official narrative unraveled in the face of video from the scene. He then sued the city and more than a dozen police officers in federal court. Last May, Minneapolis agreed to pay him $1.5 million.✲1812J0500470KFR۰Dr. Naa-Solo Tettey, the director of an education and empowerment program for cardiac health called HeartSmarts at New York Presbyterian Hospital, applauds the work of Hip Hop Public Health. She says that it "empowers young people to be focused on their health and wellness" at an age when their peers generally have other concerns.✍

⇃Except India wants it back. So do other countries whose rulers once had it. Even the Taliban claim it's theirs.↘GA0805A820KXBBC31G☻In 1983, he volunteered to fly the SR-71 Blackbird, a Lockheed Martin skunk works plane capable of flying at Mach 3 at 85,000 feet to conduct aerial surveillance in the days before drones.あ


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JANTXV1N6318♡Walensky, 54, will officially leave her office on June 30.✄BAS70-06WE6327✈Ellsberg did just that. On June 13, 1971, the first story ran atop the front page.↿


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1210J2000182JCT✪The Noh drama lasted only around 30 minutes, as museum workers installed a second banana to restore Cattelan's vision.⇘C0805C272K8HAC7800▲Lafitte was convicted in November on six federal charges, including conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, and committing bank fraud and wire fraud. He is awaiting sentencing.✄


➮"He proved today that it didn't matter," assistant trainer and co-owner Gustavo Delgado Jr. said.◩1210Y1000123FFRº"The United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and its lasting harm on the lives of millions of Black people," Bush said in a Wednesday news conference attended by Reps. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., and Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., as well as other stakeholders.▣1825J2500332KCR▧The customs service's decision would allow importers to get back their sex dolls held in government storages run by the agency.▬VJ1206Y681MXBPW1BC☆The entire Russian Pacific Fleet was put on high alert on Friday for snap drills that will involve practice missile launches in a massive show of force amid tensions with the West over the fighting in Ukraine.➴

▫The woman who was killed has been identified as 39-year-old Amy St. Pierre, according to an affidavit obtained by NPR. The 39-year-old worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.⇐TBJA225K006CRSB0000⇞The autopsy documents obtained by NPR show Nichols sustained blunt force injuries to his head, neck, torso and extremities; multiple cortical contusions; and several instances of hemorrhages throughout his body. In addition, it also lists he sustained multiple contusions, abrasions, and bruising to his body.☾

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