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♦There's no single culprit behind high pasta prices, according to Michigan State University's Ortega. He points to a combination of factors, including lingering supply chain disruptions from the COVID pandemic and Russia's war in Ukraine.▩


☂"It's really important to remember that each of those abortions represents someone's life and livelihood," said Ohio State University researcher Mikaela Smith, who is also a member of the #WeCount steering committee.☠2225Y3K00330GCT▒Commonwealth's Attorney James Hingeley did not say in the release how many people have been indicted and did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment on Tuesday. According to electronic court records, the indictments against three people have been unsealed, including William Zachary Smith, of Nacona, Texas; Tyler Bradley Dykes, of Bluffton, South Carolina; and Dallas Medina, of Ravenna, Ohio.✪M39003/01-2745⇚Sununu's remarks come at a delicate moment for Fox. Its lawyers are simultaneously girding for a six-week trial, set to begin Tuesday morning after a one-day delay, and negotiating over a possible settlement with Dominion's legal team.✥1808J0500124MXR◘Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., one of the bill's sponsors, has said eight of 20 major automakers including Ford, BMW and Tesla have pulled the band from new vehicles.▨

↢McCarthy said last week he would not support a reelection bid from Santos and said he would call on him to resign pending the results of the ongoing ethics investigation.☆MMSZ4692T1G☣Reese later doubled down in unapologetic tweets and comments at a postgame press conference, where she said she had faced personal attacks all year for not fitting the narrative.↡


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0805J0250823MXTぃAlthough the head of the health agency in charge of Medicaid, Chiquita Brooks-Lasure, has said many times that federal officials are "laser focused" on helping ensure that people who are eligible don't lose coverage, a recent estimate from health research group KFF suggested that as many as 24 million people could lose Medicaid, including millions who are still eligible but fall through administrative cracks.♧TBJA105K025CRSZ0000➶"There's just this distrust of government right now," Kirch said in an interview with NPR. "I was surprised, many people still believe that three dead kids left that school that day, even though there's no proof of that."❦

❒She's not alone. In addition to NPR's findings, research from the American Diabetes Association says people with the disease have more than twice the medical expenses annually as those without the disease.☜


♛Russian authorities accused Ukraine of trying to carry out drone strikes on the Kremlin overnight to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, and warned of possible retaliation.★103-392JS⇝The 2018 midterms — the first major national contests after former President Donald Trump's election — saw slightly higher turnout than last year's races.❈SI5935DC-T1-GE3♥"Now the time has come for me to say goodbye, to the court where I made my name, to the game that gave me purpose and pride," Anthony said. "With this bittersweet goodbye to the NBA, I am excited about what the future holds for me."↔GBPC1202-E4/51↻On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that only 16% of health facilities in Khartoum were operating normally, with 24,000 pregnant women unable to access maternal care.➤

⊙Cairo — Egyptians who invested in a cryptocurrency mining app were hit last week with the daunting realization that the incredible profits they thought they were making all boiled down to fiction. The platform, called Hoggpool, was launched in August.✄CDR01BP150BJWSAR£In a statement, Candace Schmidt, the chairwoman of the Ponca Tribe, celebrated the stamp as a "symbol of the pride and perseverance for all of our members past, present and future."→


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