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T491A225K010AH▶He is grateful that the Ministry of Health issued alerts to keep people safe but frustrated at the impact: "I could not travel [to a big city market] to bring maize to the city to be able to earn a decent living. That took a toll on my income," says Ngugi.⇃C0603C562F5JAC7867☈"When television is good, nothing — not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers — nothing is better," Minow said. "But when television is bad, nothing is worse."⇥


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08051A471GAT4A▩"I had no idea this [the discovery of a potential antidote] was happening," Pringle says.◄SA052C221KAC-LG⇜The election comes as Turkey is grappling with sky-high inflation and grieving and rebuilding from February's deadly earthquakes. Internationally, the country's trying to hold together a Ukraine grain export deal to help maintain global food supplies during Russia's invasion. But the Turkish government has complicated efforts to expand NATO over issues with Kurdish militants from Turkey taking refuge in Europe.↛


♥Murray notes that some Republicans who oppose abortion rights have said they do not intend to limit access to birth control. Leaders of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, among others, have made such claims.↙1825J1K20102KXT⊙The delay is routine for 9th Circuit appeals and was expected by all parties.⊿PZU3.0B1A,115✏"The government certainly could help in the space of cyber insurance, perhaps setting up a national cyber insurance fund, just like post-9/11, when folks could not obtain insurance against terrorist attacks, to help with that emergency financial aid," Riggi says.↬CWR09FH475KCA♣“As much as no one likes getting served, no one likes serving,” he said. “But here’s the thing: don’t take it out on the process server, because we’re just doing our job.”▶

➟Members of the royal family will appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch a fly-past of military planes and helicopters belonging to the British army, navy and air force.☢TS10P05G C2G▄But stigma continued to affect me. One afternoon when I was at the School for the Blind, I came to the entrance gate and saw some community members and extended family of mine. And so they asked me, "Why are you here?" And I told them I was enrolled at the school. Their negative reaction was awful, disappointing and frustrating.⇤


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CDRH8D28NP-150NC▧Anger's death was reported Wednesday by the Sprüth Magers gallery, which has represented Anger's work since 2009. Spencer Glesby, who was Anger's artist liasion, told NPR that the filmmaker died on May 11 in Yucca Valley, California, of natural causes.✉1120-182K◆The basic rule of thumb is that El Niño patterns occur more often, but La Niña usually lasts longer — sometimes for years. Most instances of either pattern usually play out over only nine to 12 months.★


♛The royal family's Youtube channel is also preparing a livestream of the service. BBC will begin broadcasting live for the coronation starting at 7:30 a.m. local time or 2:30 a.m. ET on the BBC News channel or on BBC iPlayer, its video-on-demand service.☝1808WC391KAT1A✿German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told French TV channel LCI that Poland has not formally asked for Berlin's approval to share some of its German-made Leopards but added "if we were asked, we would not stand in the way."↹MA0603CG4R7D250⇚"That's our way to motivate people to take that water, spread it and get that water in the ground when it's available in years like this," said Thomas Greci, general manager of the Madera Irrigation District.◎LQP02HQ4N7J02E▤The conversation can be both wrenching and hopeful, often at the same time. "If I never knew you, perhaps I'd still be who I was before you died," Colly says at one point. "I would never do the hard work of looking beyond myself to see others suffering along with me, that the world and the human condition were threaded around the work of community, our care for one another."☆

☢The Smiths were only together from 1982 to 1987, recording four stellar albums — a breakneck pace that Rourke later attributed as a main reason the band couldn't stay together.↥PM32-331M-RC⇐In the first part of the video, Jaiswal captured images of the plane making what seemed to be a routine descent, with recognizable buildings and roads of Pokhara below.∷


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