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↖So far, the drug has only been shown to be effective in mice, but it's a discovery that could help prevent deaths from poisoning by death caps and by many other poisonous mushroom species found around the world.◣


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RCE5C2A121J0DBH03A☆"Now that we are seeing that it may become available over the counter, we want to make sure that insurers still pay for it because it is costly," Murray says. "This is a great step if FDA approves this and women can go to the drugstore and purchase it without having to have a doctor's appointment ... but it will only be available for some women if it is not covered by insurance."✲08051A101JAT2M☆"It don't make the hurt any easier. But we are relieved that they (the suspects) are not out in the community," Amy Jackson said in a phone interview Wednesday morning. Alexis Dowdell's birthday party was being held at a dance studio just off the town square. Witnesses said multiple people began shooting some time after her mother paused the celebration to ask people with guns to leave.⇩


▤Democratic aides say they have pressed for tax increases as part of any spending cap deal. But last week Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., called revenues another red line for McCarthy.✌C1206F473K5RACTU✄The agency recommends that consumers only take medications made to be sold in the U.S., especially when treating children.۰ISC1812ESR56M⇉"This gives me hope for the future," she said. "It gives me hope that the direction we've been seeing — across the country — could turn around."➝1808J2000102GFT☞From her prison cell in Louisiana, Miller watched as the Supreme Court ruled split-jury verdicts unconstitutional, only to see Louisiana's top court say the decision would not apply retroactively to cases like hers.▣

➶Fighters attacked a U.S. Embassy convoy last week, and stormed the home of the EU ambassador. Violence wounded an Egyptian Embassy employee in Sudan, according to Egypt's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zaid.☼FG26C0G2J101JNT06⇦Jane's and Emile's analysts turned out to be right about what Iraq would look like after the war.❄


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800B101GT500XT⊙"We believed a coalition of cities and states would form to create true consequences for states that pass these despicable, hateful laws," the San Francisco Democrat said in a statement. "Yet, as it turned out, that coalition never formed, and the full potential impact of this policy never materialized. Instead, San Francisco is now penalizing businesses in other states — including LGBTQ-owned, women-owned, and people of color-owned businesses — for the sins of their radical right wing governments."▲1008-681J→NEW YORK — In a packed New York courtroom, Ed Sheeran picked up his guitar Thursday and launched into a tune that has him locked in a copyright dispute over Marvin Gaye's soul classic "Let's Get it On" as the only audience that mattered — a jury — looked on.▎


♬When he received pushback from fellow Republicans, Riepe warned his conservative colleagues they should heed signs that abortion will galvanize women to vote them out of office.☂1210Y2K00390KCR❁Typically, when a person shows up for arraignment, there are a few logistical things they have to take care of before they can appear in front of a judge: namely, fingerprints, photographs and paperwork.£GRM033R71C221JA01D✄But "consort" isn't really part of the title, says librarian and royal historian Marlene Koenig. She tells NPR she's not surprised that it wasn't on the invitation.┲1808J1K00393JXR♞"The scale of our operations has reduced dramatically since the ban, which ultimately means that people are not receiving the assistance they need," she told NPR.✁

▧Catherine Herridge, David Martin and Eleanor Watson contributed to this report.▂CDR32BX103BKZM\M■Beijing's ties are also frayed with Western countries on issues ranging from trade to human rights to defense concerns over Taiwan.⊙

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