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PBSS4540X,135✙Conservatives in the one-house, officially nonpartisan Legislature announced early this month that they would amend the trans health bill to squeeze in the abortion restrictions. That unconventional move came after conservatives failed to advance a bill that would have banned abortion once cardiac activity can be detected — generally around six weeks of pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant.♀199D226X9020DXB1E3▒For much of the last few decades, when the sky didn't produce enough water for his cows and crops, Dino Giacomazzi — like most farmers in California's southern Central Valley — pumped it from the earth. Underground aquifers, vast bank accounts of stored water, were drained.▆


√What's the big deal? According to Grabar's work, the U.S is facing a crisis of excess with parking. And it has more of an impact on your life than you may think.のM39014/021318⇖But stigma continued to affect me. One afternoon when I was at the School for the Blind, I came to the entrance gate and saw some community members and extended family of mine. And so they asked me, "Why are you here?" And I told them I was enrolled at the school. Their negative reaction was awful, disappointing and frustrating.✯CC1210KKX7RCBB222▤A long-simmering issue finally boiled over last week, when Italy's government convened crisis talks to address the skyrocketing price of pasta.♨CKC18C682JDGAC7800▤After it's released from the follicle, the egg is scooped up and enveloped by the nearby, fingerlike projections (also known as fimbriae) at the end of one of the two slender uterine tubes (sometimes called fallopian tubes) that lead to the uterus.❈

☟Some prominent scientists who've spent their entire careers battling polio are now saying it's time to rethink the multi-billion dollar fight against the disease.▪1111J5003P30CUT⇀To support the deal, the Swiss central bank is providing a loan of up to 100 billion francs and the government is providing another 100 billion francs of support as a backstop if needed.◎


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M39003/03-0423H❤Elliott and her team found that the critical ingredient of distraction is sound that changes in some noticeable way. "It could be music with lyrics," she says. "Music with lyrics is more distracting than music without lyrics."░1N4760AHA0G▽McCarthy plans to bring the legislation to the floor next week and said he's confident he has the support of the GOP conference to pass it. With narrow control of the chamber, McCarthy can only afford to lose a handful of members of his conference in order to pass the legislation without Democratic support.♠

↯The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was built by Germans in occupied Poland in 1940 and quickly became one of World War II's largest extermination centers. More than 1.1 million men, women and children were murdered at Auschwitz before the camp was liberated in 1945.♚


▶With a national debate raging again in Germany about whether the nuclear shutdown is really a good idea, the top official in charge of nuclear safety at the Environment Ministry, Gerrit Niehaus, was asked by a reporter to sum up in a single sentence what lessons should be learned from the country's brief atomic era.♨T491C107M010ZT☆The Post’s reconstruction of what happened inside Robb Elementary last May 24 provides new details of key mistakes up and down the chain of command, starting at 11:31 a.m., when the first officer arrived at the school.➻C0603C0G1E220K030BA⇑The WGA is demanding, among other things, an increase in minimum pay, more residual payments from streaming, as well as increased contributions to its health and pension plans.☢PTFB210801FAV1R0XTMA1★TOKYO — A missing Japanese army helicopter carrying 10 crew members is believed to have crashed into the sea off a southern island after objects appearing to be aircraft parts were spotted in the area, an official said Thursday.◤

☁Illustrations by LA Johnson; edited by Meredith Rizzo and Deborah Franklin; visual design by LA Johnson, Meredith Rizzo, Alyson Hurt; researched and fact-checked by Will Chase; copyedited by Preeti Aroon.⇡GA0805Y183KXCBR31G⊙One senior Democratic aide told NPR that pulling back COVID funds that haven't been spent is something the president has said he is open to including in a deal.⇟


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