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«Criminal groups often prey upon migrants in the area and demand money in return for permission to pass through their territory.◇2225J2K50822MXT☞He stayed his own injunction for seven days to allow an appeals court to weigh in, allowing the drug to remain available in the meantime. The FDA requested an emergency stay of Kacsmaryk's decision, asking the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to weigh in by midday Thursday.•GA0402Y123MXJAP31G♘Jessica DeFino, a beauty industry critic and author of “The Unpublishable” newsletter, said the drama with Bioré underscored problems in an industry that has often marketed products as tools of mental wellness.✿CDR31BP330BFUP\500▨Ever wondered why your hair turns gray as you age? A team of researchers says it has identified the root cause as trapped stem cells — and that means new tips for naturally fending off grays from your mane could be coming soon.◘

▦Some 16,000 Americans had been registered in Sudan before the convoys' departures. Families of trapped Americans in Sudan have criticized the U.S. for initially ruling out a U.S.-run evacuation, The Associated Press reported.♤0603J0500271FAR◢"The problem is the ticking of time, and it is the ticking of time that kills somebody who is bleeding," says Coomarasamy.∎


⇝That happened in 1974 and the president was Republican Richard Nixon, the centerpiece figure in the scandal known as Watergate. Nixon was also the one president who felt it necessary to tell a televised news conference: "I am not a crook."☜PTKM75-59VM➮The same question was put to Hochul.☢GA0603Y392MXAAP31G卍Another law will create a temporary court within a Capitol Complex Improvement District covering a portion of Jackson. The court will have the same power as municipal courts, which handle misdemeanor cases, traffic violations and initial appearances for some criminal charges. The new law says people convicted in the Capitol Complex Improvement District Court may be put in a state prison rather than in a city or county jail.♚T86C156M6R3ESAS✁BERLIN — Five people go on trial in Germany on Wednesday accused of planning a far-right coup and plotting to kidnap the country's health minister.◙

◩He departed the courthouse in a motorcade that major cable news networks tracked with helicopter footage. His 2024 election campaign began offering a T-shirt with a fake mug shot for a $47 donation.⇈TACR226K003XˍHe had initially proposed banning the release of other booking information, like names and charges, which he called an "unwanted invasion of personal privacy."ˍ

⇇"The scale of our operations has reduced dramatically since the ban, which ultimately means that people are not receiving the assistance they need," she told NPR.◎


▥But these new policies are being litigated in the courts. A group of states led by Texas is challenging the parole program.➯CDR31BP511AJMM\M✍Short on cellphone signal, her friends drove 5 miles to the town of Salem to call 911. Emergency responders performed CPR on Gillis but she was pronounced dead on the scene.▧C0603X220J1GAC7867◦JACKSON, Miss. — Companies run by a former professional wrestler received "sham contracts" in Mississippi and misspent millions of dollars of welfare money that was supposed to help some of the neediest people in the U.S., according to a new federal indictment.☁SMA5929A❖Not all state legislatures are pivoting against harm reduction measures.☄

➳Now, scientists are linking that to deeper shifts in the ocean, brought on by climate change. The connection may reach all the way to the world's second-largest ice sheet, melting increasingly fast on Greenland.✡IRF3805SPBF♂The EPA says "phosphogypsum remains prohibited from use in road construction," as it has been almost continuously for more than 30 years.◙


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PDTC143EM,315♨"The LGBTQ+ community has celebrated Pride with Target for the past decade. Target needs to stand with us and double-down on their commitment to us," she added.☺IRF5800TR⇅"The question is, where were we church people when they started doing this?" Reyes asked, saying the clergy should immerse itself in communities more and converse regularly with villagers. "If we judge them, we'll just alienate them."◑


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