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➭When NPR shared the links, videos, and social media posts with cybersecurity researchers, it became clear that the sites were fake, at the very minimum.▩


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TAZF225K050CBSZ0024☄The unclassified assessment, released Wednesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), reflected the views of seven agencies that participated in the inquiry.❧S1MLHR3G⇩Gender-affirming care for minors has been available in the U.S. for more than a decade and is endorsed by major medical associations, but it has increasingly come under attack in many conservative legislatures, including North Dakota's, where lawmakers have passed at least three anti-trans bills this year.◘


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2225J2000824MDT☭“We’re there in some of the worst times in people’s lives during emergencies, and I don’t think everybody wants to remember some of those events,” Sikes said. “That’s one of the first times that anybody’s ever reached out from an event like that and invited me to something. To me, it was a big deal.”◈CBR06C508A5GAC■Senate leader Phil Berger accused Cooper on Saturday of "feeding the public lies" and "bullying" members of his party to block the legislation. "I look forward to promptly overriding his veto," he said in a statement.⇥

▄The reason so many cases are missed is because health-care providers use an inexact approach to gauge how much blood a new mother has lost, says Dr. Arri Coomarasamy, a gynecologist at the University of Birmingham and an author of the new study.↦

✌Several doctors who spoke in Washington said medical professionals can't provide high-quality, evidence-based care where abortion restrictions are in effect. Dr. Divya Shenoy, a director of primary care at the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, called the move to ban mifepristone "antithetical to my medical practice."↺


  1. Utterly unwatchable - nonstop grating attempts at standup comedy


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