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»His arrest was the catalyst for a lawsuit that led to an 1879 ruling that determined a Native American was a person under the law with an inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.✍

❁What Dominion uncovered in the investigative part of the suit — what's called discovery — revealed a world grounded in cynicism, hostility. From the top down, the Murdochs and Fox created a network defined by a relentless pursuit of ratings that placed profit above politics, and partisan advantage above any sense of journalistic obligation. The public's right to know the truth rarely earned a hearing.❐

✎Kyodo News said Japanese coast guard ships also found traces of oil that may be related to the missing helicopter, but officials declined to confirm the report.큐

▔As its name implies, clear-air turbulence occurs in the absence of clouds or bad weather. It's caused by wind shear — sudden changes in wind speed and direction — at altitudes above 15,000 feet.♥

▔The two agencies will be partnering with the local police department and the district attorney's office to attempt to stem trafficking of the deadly synthetic opioid.☟

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